GPW -Means GOD's Penmenís Writings Is the Only Holy Writings Approved by GOD.

GOD is Perfect and the original hand Written Scrolls and Rolls were perfect.

All other writings about scriptural meaning must be listed as secondary thoughts of men.


Mental imaginary concepts of God and man made Doctrines

R/inóDont Mess With GODs Words.



Mans writing must be made as foot-notes FooterJpg.


Writings Can cost the believers of certain doctrines and beliefs, they will not go through the

R/in The Great Tribulation


Updated This Page 9-19-13óUpdates are necessary to keep YOU informed of what Bible Publishers are doing. What they do affects accurate

Sbts-Commentary-Notes. When B-Bibles are printed accurately to the best of mans ability without Bias Theology we get good

Linked Scriptural Commentaries--Recommended-R-LINKs-Unadulterated Christian TheologyóIs Now Availableó

Compare Whatís In 20thm


SBT the free Biblical Library Sends out e-mail invitations (Wa-In)

to people and Groups that claim to teach

GODís Word aright. SBT ask them to open Wa-In



Most of them (POs) never reply back or respond at all. It is therefore reasonable to think

that because they are intelligent enough to know that GODís Word reveals

Mysteries that they believe to be fact but they are not, they donít response

because they would have to concede that their beliefs are not from GODís Word.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Only God's Penmenís Writings can be said to be Holy

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††God had the Bible written so we would know Facts Not Myths.


God's Penmen Compare Bible Words Changed


Hereís part of what was written to CRI by a reader. For CRI open /

CRI stands foe Christian Research Institute.

For others that have got e-mails from

SBT the free Biblical Library

Open POs


After viewing your site and comparing it to other Biblical Sites that are far more advance in historical biblical accuracy on the best New Bibles Available and the original teachings of God's Penmen. Plus After viewingyours and other so-called theologians that have adulterated God's WORD with


Mental imaginary concepts of Godís head

They are Greek Mythologies and Other Gentile Mythologies.

Websites like them need to update THEIR Postings to match the original teachings.


They acknowledge that the Nicene Creeds are Homoousion Theology,

And other mysterious beliefs that are not from God, but from the 

mental imaginary concepts on man. Today we call them IntentionalFallacy.

R/in Homoousion



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2 is TraditionPlusVerses.htm


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