Simple Bible Truths Statement of Basic Beliefs are in the article FREE-WILL and Matt-10-8

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1.                 Theology In Harmony -

Open Theology + All verses and *GOD defined* Biblical Theology in Harmony from Gen 1:26 3:22 to Rev 22-16-21 ·

 Prov 8-22 · Col-1-15.htm. to Rev 1:1 11:1.


2.                 .  Bible Words Changed -


The Bible Contradicts itself—When? The Answer Is When Bible Words Get Changed by Christendom's Bible Publishers.

That Believe In The Mysterious ...


3  Plus 70-John-1-1-Truths.htm About Non Trinity Bibles   And  See 6 - John-1-1-Truths -

SBT's John-1-1-Truths Has More Details then any other Library or Web-Site to date. SBT Notes.

Now That We Are In The CommunicationsAge.htm We ...


 4       FREEasGOD -

FREE as GOD--YOU have Free-Will to believe any and all the Bible Traditional DOCTRINAL

 teachings YOU like at this time. Free-Will. Traditional Video.


 5. Bible Publishers Accountable To Who.htm Publishers Accountable To Who.htm

What Real True Christian Wants The Bible They Read To Use--- Second Meaning Unoriginal Words—

Ask Your Self – Must Bible Publishers Stick To Original ...


 6 -

Sbt's Page on-The Colwell Rule on Jn 1:1-Many Bible Publishers Translated- a-god or a-God---And  See

Long Before Colwell's Birth--Study. John-1-1.-GOD -J-or-Y Open ...


7.  Three Worst Mistakes Are -


The Three Worst Mistakes in all Bibles. Article Based on R/in GODorgod.htm AND

BiblePublishersAccountableToWho.htm AllCaps.. Only Jehovah GOD is to be ...

1.                            8. Best Bibles Plus -


Best Bibles Plus Make No Mistake about It--The Best Bibles Give YOU a Better Chance at Gaining Salvation—.

 If you believe something that is printed wrong ...

2.                             9.  BestBibles -


For Main Topics-Open-index.htm-This Is The Best Bibles Page, Plus Bible Translation Accuracy.

How it is done to the best of mans ability today. Open all Links ...


3.                                10.   010 -

Results 361 - 380 of 4234 - SBT Is The YHWH TETRAGRAMMATONT Testifier of Theology of GOD.

 "He causes to become" is what GOD is. Also See YeHoWaH is ...


There are 30+






.  If you have any better Facts then what’s on the pages of  SBT 

about any Biblical Topic please share them with SBT Write        


Simple Bible Truths Statement of Basic Beliefs are in the article FREE-WILL


Freely SBT Received God’s Word, Freely SBT Gives

. Why God’s Word Is FREE  No money-making business here at SBT-Details Open Matt-10-8. 

What does the Holy Spirit do for us today

Answer. It helps us to remember what real truth God gave God’s Penmens Writings 

If it did not come from them –then we don’t need it—See Foot-Notes  

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SO HELP US ALL  Y.eH.oW.aH in English Jehovah The Eternal One God   The Eternal One

SBT1-Is The TETRAGRAMMATON Open  Y.eH.oW.aH Testifier,


When did Jesus become Eternal Open  Eternal Son Of God   Oneness


And Check FREE-WILL 


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