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1 So, since the Law isn’t the reality, but just a shadow of good things to come, the sacrifices that are offered annually will never make the one who brings them perfect. 2 If that were true, they wouldn’t have to be offered anymore. And if those who are worshiping this way had been made clean once and for all time, they wouldn’t even think about sinning. 3 However, these sacrifices remind us of our sins year after year. 4 This is because the blood of bulls and goats can’t take away sins.

5 It was because of this, that when he came into the world he said, ‘You didn’t want sacrifices and offerings, but You prepared a body for me. 6 Nor did You approve of burnt offerings and sin offerings. 7 Then he said, Look, I’ve come to do your will, O God, just as it was written about me in the front of the book.’

8 Now, after first saying, ‘You didn’t want or approve of sacrifices and offerings... or burnt offerings and sin offerings’ (which are being offered in observance of the Law), 9 then he says, ‘Look, I’ve come to do your will.’ So, he removed the first to establish the second. 10 And it’s because of this will that we’ve been made holy… through that single offering of the body of Jesus the Anointed One.

11 Now, all the Priests take their stations everyday in Temple service. There they offer the same sacrifices repeatedly, yet they can never take sins away completely. 12 However, he offered one sacrifice for sins through the ages, and then sat down at the right hand of God. 13 There he’s awaiting [the time when] his enemies will be put as a stool for his feet. 14 So, he gave this single offering that made the Holy Ones perfect.

15 Why, the Holy Breath [of God] testifies to us about this. First, it said, 16 ‘This is the Sacred Agreement that I will make with them in those days, says [Jehovah]: I will put my laws in their hearts and I’ll write them in their minds.’ 17 [Then it says,] ‘I will be merciful whenever they do things that aren’t right and I’ll forget their sins.’ 18 Now, when such things are forgotten, there isn’t any more need for sin offerings.

19 So brothers, we can obviously say that we have an access into the Most Holy through the blood of Jesus. 20 He worked out a way through the curtain for us – a sacrificial but living way, through his flesh. 21 And since we now have such a great Priest over the House of God, 22 let’s approach with honest hearts and complete faith, having rinsed a wicked conscience from our hearts and having washed our bodies in clean water.

23 So, let’s hang onto the confession of our hope and not give up, because the One who gave us the promise is faithful. 24 And let’s keep reminding ourselves to help each other to grow in love and good deeds.

25 And don’t stop meeting together (as some are doing), but [continue to] encourage each other… and [do this] even more as you see the Day getting closer.

 26 [Remember that], if we choose to follow a sinful course after coming to an accurate knowledge of the truth, there are no more sacrifices left for sins.