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Nothing is HOLY unless the Bible Penman wrote it.

Can Churches and/or individual make up doctrines or expressions and then call them HOLY? R/in --Add-ons -- Rev-22-16-21.htm

People have Free-Will (see FREE-WILL.htm) to make up whatever they want, but they should say that this only a possibility of truth.

Bible Publishes should do the same, when making Foot-Note Commentary. FooterJpg.htm-- BiblePublishersAccountableToWho.htm

. Christendom (Christendom.htm) Has Added Imaginary DOCTRINES to GODís Word, and Substituting Words, Bible Words Changed. ]

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Holy Trinity. The Nicene--Creed declared it Holy and Declared Jesus to be God without a beginning and to be God Himself in the flesh

But that is only a mental imaginary concept of the unbiblical word Godhead open Godhead.htm and GodheadBelievers.htm

Donít Add or Take Anything Away From GODís  Word, or GODís Will ,or GODís  Meaning.

Meaning No imaginary  His The  penalty is YOUR part from the tree of life 

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Now That We Are In The CommunicationsAge.htm We Can ***Examine *** Everything Ourselves

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