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What DoesSimple Bible Truths

Have That Other Bible Websites Do Not Have

Open 3 Main Point Plus

The Best Bibles Including Non-Trinitarian Based Bibles


John-1-1-Page and GODorgod



Categories-  Plus The Videos

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Videos selected have the best Myths blended into Christianity


The Best New Bibles Now Online In The Last 600+Years

 ***45O Bibles***Condensed Now To About 30

Start by Opening Bibles Two Types

Best Bibles Plus-and Open a-Aa-0A4


 Most new Bibles are 95% the same

Open 95% for the difference


Bible Words Changed.htm 


GODorgod  and Open AllCaps


Three Worst Bible Verses Mistakes Are.

They Need a Small g 


Do YOU know what this means?  

Open Hallow Be Thy NAME.htm


Why do we have all these different Sizes of LORD --Lord--lord, LORD - God- god my lord,

Open 1Tim-1-17plus.




Best Bible Dictionaries PLUS


Dictionary Example  shows YOU the easy way to use them


Open Encyclopedias and Libraries

http://www.bible-history.com/isbe A to/Z /


Catholic Encyclopedia

 R/in new advent.org/cathen/15047a.htm






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Open https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/h/r1/lp-e 


 Biblical Libraries Online



R/in Commentaries Which

Includes how to eliminate

Imaginary Concepts so you can get accurate

information to the subject you are interested in without 



Open CommentarieS-Many-Best 2013.htm

and Interpretation.   

Most People that claim to know the Bible

 know God Prohibits adding to his Word or

Taken Away From it, But think very little

 of the church they go to for adding Imaginary Concepts

They are




And Christendom & Jesus

Purpose Of Religion.  

Christendom Refers those that Say they are Christians but add Imaginary Concepts to God Word. R/in PO’s.

Truth Christians will R/iImitate


Christianity Simplified

Christianity Simplified

God’s Word is Great and Perfect and

Can Not be Contradictive

A Simple Rule of Harmony.

The-GwGpnc Rule.htm and The ImitateRule

Simple Rules That Lets All Serious Bible

Students Examine all Church Doctrines

Open The Imitate Rule and The



Worship and The Creeds and Confessions



We can’t see what is in heaven. But we are told to Worship only the God of Jesus—

and not any likeness to what Is in Heaven—Jesus is the likeness of God and not to be Worshiped---

Study Ex 20:4Jesus said you ***must*** Worship The Father (which is His God) in Spirit and Truth. What did Jesus say to do concerning him Open Jn 5:23 and PROSKUNEO.htm

Study KingJesusHasSPOKEN.-- WorshipLibraryList.htm Plus Worship1.htm –


   Imaginary-Concepts of  God’s head

·                     Oneness

Trinity open T.

Who First Introduced the Tern Trinity

Nimrod of Ancient Babylon Invented the Very First

Trinity in Cross Page. Play Video

Ask This One Question Name One Bible Penman or Any Hebrew Prophet, Priest, Rabbi, Scribe of Pharisee or Any First Century Christian that Taught That God is a Two in One or Three in One GodTrinity

Two or Three Separate Persons,

but Still One God. Is that Fact or Fiction Name Just One—More If YOU Can,

The Bible Penmen Are --Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Gad, Nathan, Jeremiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Mordecai, (David, Asaph, Heman + possibly others unnamed wrote the Psalms), Solomon, Agur,

 Lemuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James,

Peter and Jude. From 40_penmenBible#ixzz1gNllXKRJ 

 To answer Write the librarian@simplebibletruths.net  For more GOOD questions open  Wa-In-- Beliefs Updated


Who first mentioned the Trinity


Now known as The Trindirty


Open  0A1 Explains More

Historical Bible Facts About Baptism

On Matt-28-19-Does it read right?-Commentary

From a Reader and Commentator Matt-28-19RC.

Various Quotes from Books, Commentaries, and Dictionaries relating to Matthew 28:19 Many of the above quotes were found in the reference section of a local Nazarene University library.

 Open Matt-28:19VQ From

GG com/various_quotes.htm



Parrellel Translation Matt/28-18-19  >>

Recognizing The Authority of The Father’s

(Jehovah Or Yahwehand Son’s (Jesus)

transmitted to us through the

Holy Spirit (before being Baptized)


In The Name of The Father the Son and the Holy Spirits-Spurious

Open Matt-28-19-plus-more.htm Commentary


Bible Articles By Nearly 200 scholars

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia





Best Bible Dictionaries PLUS





God’s ID

GOD Supreme

Compare Jesus


The Real Real Strong’s Numbers

And The Counterfeit is in page

Read The Real Strong’s Numbers and

The Counterfeit is in page open GOD Supreme

Open God


Colwell's Rule N0 5

Oneness 8.htm

John1-1c--a-Aa-0A4-Prov 8-22

·                     Sbts Commentary Notes

·                     Josephus Writtings.htm


The first to call or term God a 3 In 1 Trinity God-

Open Specific Teachings of Tertullian-Writings



Trinity Articles open T


Pants On Fire.

Bible Punctuation Mark sPLUS.

Trinitarian BiasTest PLUS more.

Best Statement Found


Dust To Dust1-

HELL plus.

When Did Christendom-Start Worshiping

The Trinity-open N-C-O-W 2.


Trindirty-Relative Subjects

Jn1-1-1Tim 3-16-1Jn 5-7

1 Tim 3-16


Pants On Fire

The Fullness Of God Dwells In The Son.

·                     Godhead Believers

·                     A Fact.

·                     Homoousion-

·                     Sustance-

·                     3 In1 God- Theology

·                   ArianismGD.

·                 Homoousion 

.      TheologyQuiz.

·    Theology In Harmony.


The Significances of



Pre-Existence of Christ.




Only one God


Godhead.  Myths  Don’t Belong in True Religion. 

Myths and Mythology are false wonders the activity of Satan

Trinity Delusion 2Thess 8-12.

First of all: There Are Logical answers to every question why It is so hard

to get the real truth today. See BiblicalLibrariesOnline122612.htm

God had the Bible written so we would know Facts Not Myths. 

All original writings help clarify the real truth

First of all Good Foot-Notes were Prohibited by The Early Catholic Priests and Earthly Kings in the original hand written copied manuscripts probably as early as some time in the 2nd Century and certainly after 

325 C.E to 1450 C.E. Then also after 1450 C.E.

The invent of the printing press in the machine Printed Bibles This caused bad Ecclesiastical Doctrines.

Without good Foot-Notes it is almost impossible

to pass on good Interpretation of some verses from Generation to the next Generation. Get the details is in Open Footer Jpg

The Kings and Rulers thinking they were anointed by God  


                      The So Called Divine Right Of Kings

.Open https://www.bing.com/search?q=The+So+Called+Divine+Right+Of+Kings  


second of all. There are some words that have crept into most

Bibles today that were not in the original manuscript writings.

A list of them R/in Bible Words Changed.htm for details.

Bible Encyclopedias help point out errors


               Most Original  Manuscripts Destroyed 

The burning of Manuscripts ordered by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 303 C.Eopen Diocletian 


Has GOD Changed? NO Mal 3-6. Open https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/b/r1/lp-e/nwtsty/E/2017/39/3#h=29:0-29:105&study=discover

Has GOD Changed. No. But man has Changed some of GOD’s Word (R/in Bible Words Changedto fit there own imaginary DOCTRINES. 

Open Text2.htm is here for us today, a warding from God’s inspired

original written word and not  from imaginary conceptsNicene-Creeds

58.htm Is about The Reason Why Most Churches Teach

People That Jesus Is God. 58.htm


What The Word Catholic Means

Open What_Catholic_Means.asp


Some Myths are taught to people then they teach them to

Others without Checking Out all the facts.

Results Are.

If YOU believe a LIE then teach or tell that lie to others that makes YOU a Liar.

The Nicene Creeds teach the Creeds to be Holy Truth—That is a lie.

Nicene Council Original Wtrittings


How To Verify Theological Accuracies Or Lies.htm


"God is spirit, and those who worship Him must

 worship in spirit and truth." John4-24.htm

What does must mean to YOU—Contact Us

Also see




Help With How Christians Should Deal with Money Problems

Many Christians need help world wide and True Christians know that God is impartial and doesn’t send money down from Heaven. Nor did He invent or originate the money system. But He does provide the means to obtain what are daily needs are.

                                    Scriptural  Guidance 

Open  Financial Situation Facts To Consider.htm


The King James Bible Version Is

Undoubtedly the Most Inaccurate English New Testament in common use Today—But there are many Publishers Today Publishing KJV and they are getting better each Year open The Best Bibles and Click on Best Trinity Based Bibles.

Questions To Ask Yourself

If the Bibles you read and the Bibles your Church uses are not accurate

 ask yourself this question?

How Can a Church’s Statement of Faith or Beliefs be Accurate?

And—Bible Words Changed.htm 




Compare Trinity Revisional Update1.htm


Use Open The Best Bibles and click on best Non-Trinity  Bibles



This Is 2013. What Does 1914 Means

For the Future Open1914


The Catholic Church

Catholic Encyclopedia

 R/in new advent.org/cathen/15047a.htm





Who Wrote the Greek Bible

Grammatical Rules John 1:1

 Open N0 7  Also more in 5 and 8.htm this was

Long Before Colwell’s Birth Open N0 5-8.htm


Why Is It Necessary To Keep Revising the Nicene Creed Century after Century

  Why Is It Necessary To Keep Revising the

Nicene Creed Century after Century? Open 0A6.

Same Question Asked Differently

If God’s Work is Perfect in The So-Called Holy Trinity

This Raises the Question?-Why is it necessary to keep

revising the Nicene Creed Century after Century

Open 0A6.htm AND Ref in Trinity Revisional Updates


The Bible Contradicts

When does that happen? Open 1-cd. Rom 3-4.

Trinity and Oneness movement.

It Is Amazing How So Many Pro-Claimed Christian Groups,

Individual + (Web-Sites open Plus Others)

State-2 Tim 3-162-Peter-1-20-21 –

As The Ultimate Validity Verses of  the Holy Verses

But Then They Quote Something That Is

Not Even In The Holy Verses-Open 3 In1




Compare Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura Sola scriptura (Latin ablative, "by scripture alone") is the assertion that the Bible as God's written word is self-authenticating, clear (perspicuous) to the rational reader, its own interpreter ("Scripture interprets Scripture"), and sufficient of itself to be the final authority of Christian doctrine.

Open  Sola Scriptura

The People's New Testament Commentary 
New Testament Explanatory Notes by B. W. Johnson. (Published originally in two volumes, 1889 and 1891.)

SBT’s Commentary

Open CommentaryVerseN0ListSBTs.htm

There are many Bible Web-Sites Online now that have built in Verse by verse commentary from Genesis to Revelation that use unbiblical words and word expressions in their commentary. Some of them have falsified Strong’s N0’s by using

Thayer’s dictionary definitions in place of Strong’s N0’s

and Do Not Tell You They Have Done That—

SO be on the Alter for that.

Read what is written in GOD Supreme T/O  and Open  1htm

The MEEK inherit The EARTH.

58.htm Is About The Reason Why Most Churches Teach People That Jesus Is God.


Learn About Eusebius of Caesarea (c 263 – 339?[1])

(often called Eusebius Pamphili)

Eusebius [the friend] of Pamphilus") became the bishop of Caesarea Palaestina c 314.[1] 

He is often referred to as the Father of Church History 

because of his work in recording the history of the early Christian church, especially Chronicle and Ecclesiastical History[1].Eusebius.htm

Origen and Arius 

Plus  Ulfilas or Wulfila

(c. 310 - 383), bishopmissionary, and translator,


Compare Imaginary-Concept  of God’s head.



Open King Jesus Has SPOKEN.


 Jesus Has Two Beginnings Both Scriptural.


First Born or first or God’s Creation


open Simple Bible Teachings Compare All Chart


Jehovah Or Yahweh



 There is a lot to say about how the original truth that has been distorted by the bad seeds that has grow with the good seeds but NOW is the harvest time to remove all the bad Mysterious Teachings they call Holy Doctrines before Jesus returns to destroy those who still insist on believing Mysterious Teachings which are considered Lies

Lies are intentional fallacies of mental imaginary concepts of beliefs made up by picking verses out of the Holy Scriptures and adding or taking away the true meaning to what God purposed for it—Distorting the Holy Scriptures is Satan’s doings SatansMainPurpose.

He is the father or the first Lie and his Lies has multiplied and we are here to share them

with YOU so can make it through the great tribulation.

Distortions R/in BibleWordsChanged.

AllCaps---Doctrinces And Creeds


Jesus Testifies Plus.

Testimony Of God.

Testimony Of Jesus

From a Reader and Commentator

Commentary and Testimony on Catholics

Teachings Open Contents C-C

and Contents T For The Trinity History.

Compare--Sbt’s Commentary and


Christian Church

Christian Church one name or many

Open Acts15-14.

Mega Churches



And Christian History

          About Cults  

·                     Occult-Plus

·                     Religious Movements T/O’s

·                     Mega Churches

·                     Catholicism-Catechism.htm- with ContentsC-  and C 

·                     ApostolicSuccession.

·                     Holy Mother Of God

·                     700 Club.

·                     PatriotismID.

·                     Patriotism Plus.

·                     Ecumenicalism.

·                     Church

·                     ChurchHistory1

·                     Christmas PLUS.

·                     Christian Symbols.

Jehovah's Witnesses 33.htm

A Look at Mormonism 16.htm

MOR.org Links



New Age Movesments

Mega Churches

·                     Pentecostal Beliefs

·                     Pentecostal Plus Beliefs.

·                     Pentecostalism.

·                     Pentecost.



Chuches Statement of  Faith Is Very

Very Very Important for YOUR Salvation


Catholic.com/search/cont ent/Trinity

Now known as the Trindirty.


Top Listed Bible Study Websites

In this column Example Open

http://www.biblestudytools.com/about-us /

What do they believe about Jesus and God

 Statement of Faith WBelieve

      To Get them all

Open Bible Study Websites.htm


Here are the Best   Deception Site Found


2 Cor-4-4-Cross References.htm

Satans Allies.

 Open Trinity and read about a

Word not found in Scriptures,

          But--With imagination

     About The Godhead Myths

               Many are fooled.

Compare The Apostle's Creed

To The

The Nicene Creed >






Deception in the church.com/3. 

Protestant/50unbiblical Doctrines.

See there Links

Praying to God the Father, the First Person of the Trinity IS Biblical





Please check them out and add to them if

YOU Know of Some Add Your Comment


God Head Believers.htm


Bible Studies With WHO.htm


Peter's Confession of Faith

Open Joh+ 6:63+66-68  John 6:69 >>

No mention of God The Son.

See Doctrinces And Creeds.


 Bible Societies.htm Get their E-Mail



Bible Topics That Affect Your Future


Don’t Add Or Take Anything. 



SBT The Ultamate In Accurate.


SBT Is Mostly About Bibles.


GOD Supreme.htm

Simple Bible Truths-Is 

Chosen by Google

SBT Index Topics Chosen by Google---for 

Google’s Write ups.

Open --Simplebibletruths.net/2.


Compare DistrictBible+Study+Tools




Simple Bible Truths

Recommends Open RLINKs.htm



Open Revelation/1-1.htm


Competition for Bible Truth Websites

are now Astronomical Satan’s Delight.

Bible Websites

Google Search Open=bible+websites  

YOU get about 42,900,000+ results

--0.15 seconds--Competing for YOUR


Satan’s Delight. The first Bible Website

on the Internet was about 18 years

agoAdd Your Comment.


Open Word and Jesus said I am the

Way. Everyone has FREE-WILL



False Preachers.

Trinity Revisional Update1.htm



·                     Plus Others


·               bible texts.com/terms/313ad

Lost Books

·        HowTheBibleBooksWereChoosen.

2 Tim 3-16-17



·                     WORDarguing.

·                     DOCTRINE Buster 1.

·                     Hidden Truths PLUS

Devotion and Pure worship

Pure Worship for Salvation

What Does Worship Really Mean and

Worshiping False gods unwittingly Today

Open 0A12--- Pleasing God

Worship Chart plus

Holy Spirit



When did Christendom start Worshiping

Jesus Open N-C-O-W 2

·                     Faith

·                     Faith Explained.

·                     Conclusion On Making a Holiday

·                     FREE-WILL

·                     State Of Mind

·                     MInd-Set

·                     Happiness

Open HARVESTwork

·                     Parables

Pure Worship

·                     Prayer Matt 6-9-10

   Worshiping False gods Unwittingly

·       The First Implied Lie


SBT Believes It Can Get The Truth Out

Of Any Bible—Only because of a Trained

 Eye on Good Bible

 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


 Best Bible Dictionaries PLUS.htm



Best BiblesPlus.htm





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