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Introduction Important Information

About Open What SBT BELIEVES. 

††††††††††††††††††††††† Main Belief Is

SBT Does Not Endorse Any Man Made 

Open DOCTRINES As Holy Open Truth.

 See All In What SBT BELIEVES. 

Open SBT Imitate And 1Cor/9-23Commentay.

Y.eH.oW.aH New 1,000+ Manuscripts with 

Yehovah As The Original Hebrew Pronunciation

Of God-Open YehovahForHebrewJehovahForEnglish

And Video About The New 1,000+ Manuscripts

Open https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah3k1dhR-ag


As The Librarian Here At SBT I Highly Recommend When 

Using Any Bible Website: First Click On Their Statement of  Faith 

Or What They Believe. YOU may have to click on About Us

or what we believe. If YOU can not find what they believe look

Open Contact Us.

And Write- Please Sent Me YOUR Statement of Faith

Or What YOU Believe.

SBT Is a-Reference Research Expository Biblical 

Library *Lu 8:17* with Readerís Participation Contact Us

SBT Is not a Preaching Website and no Donations are

Ask for and we donít ask YOU to Join Anything. NSecret 

Passwords to Enter to Get the Best Answers Available!!!

 Open 20 and M/10-8. Paul Said--For the sake of the good

News that I may become a sharer of it with others-

1Cor/9-23Commentay. About The Home Page for a good

Overview, Plus True Christians -See Imitate Page.

If SBT has missed something you know Please 

Share It With The SBT librarian@simplebibletruths.net.

What goes around comes around Open Source.


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