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                                               The Unbiblical Word that made Jesus God Is Homoousion.

                                                            Done at the First Council of NicaeaPlus See N-C-O-W 2..  

                                        Unbiblical Words That Invalidate Gods Words Are Lies


Homoousian (Greekὁμοούσιος, from the Greekὁμόςhomós, "same" and οὐσίαousía, "essence, being") is a technical theological term used in discussion of the Christian understanding of God as Trinity. The Nicene Creed describes Jesus as being homooúsios with God the Father — that is, they are of the "same substance" and are equally God. This term, adopted by the First Council of Nicaea, was intended to add clarity to the relationship between Christ and God the Father within the Godhead. From

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The Nicene Council Members in 325 A.D---Did-Intentional-Fallacy because

They Implied----- Made Interpretation-----with an Unbiblical Word

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SBT Note --You get this because ' is not a God inspired word.

Homoiousios is a Pagan word- not a God inspired word/Learn 1 Cor 4:6-


Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up: A New Look at Today's Evangelical Church in the Light of Early Christianity,

by David W. Bercot (Scroll Pub, 1989, excerpts from pages 129-132, 135, 93-94, 97-98) [book review]


The big thing which happened was the Nicene Creed, was in this way: Most held out at first for a Scriptural language and expression to make clear against the Arians what the catholic doctrine had been, but as the discussions progressed it became evident that there was no Scriptural vocabulary which would correctly express the orthodox teaching. They lighted on a philosophicalterm(same substance as) to express what they meant and what had always been the catholic teaching, but there was still needed a formula to summarize and convey their meaning -325nice.html