You Can Get Different Web Results When You Word Something Basally The Same

But Get Different Results In The Same Search Engines Or A Different One. But Each

One May Contribute To Some Good Results. Then You Can Make An Informed

Decision To What Is The Best The Right Decision. Some Other Words Are Used

Are Systematically Or Methodically  To Make A Logical Decision Like A Judge Does.

Check Out These Examples. But SBT Knows Which Is

Best Because SBT Is An Historical Bible Library That

Uses BiblicalLOGISTICS That SBT Has Developed

The Best Answer Is At The Bottom Of These Searches.

(1) (2) (3)

(1) HowHasGodPreservedTheHolyScriptures Google





Google/Search How+Has+God+Preseved+The+Holy+Scriptures




Yahoo/Search 7-18-2020;How Has God Preserved The Holy Scriptures

One Example




(2) Google/HowHasGodPreservedTheHolyScripture--TruthOrFalse


Bing/How+Has+God+Preserved+The+Holy+Scriptures+  Truth+Or+False


Yahoo.S/How+Has+God+Preserved+The+Holy+Scriptures+ Truth+Or+False



(3) GodHasPreservedTheHolyScripturesTruthOrFalse?


Showing Results For Google

(3) God Has Preserved The Holy Scriptures Truth Or False






All Of The Above Has Something To Contribute But Here

Is The Total Of All Of The Above And The Real Truth Today.


Bing./There Is Now Bible Translation Or Version Perfect Today


But SBT Has The Best Bibles And Believes That

Some Are Accurate Enough To Get Enough Truth

To Gain Salvation!!! Open BestBibles.


ABOUT US Is Based on R/in Biblical Theology

And BiblicalLOGISTICS.

 Compare Theology.—Is The 

Alternative to Mysticism—

Open OccultPlus.   

The Expository Library Accurate Reporting +

The Reference Research Library.


TheSolePurposeOfSBT. SBT1 Is Doing the 

Detailed Time Consuming Research Work for

You-All Free Details in-Matt-10-8.

Also see TheTruthAboutDonations.


Much More In ABOUTUS2.

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