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The Name of God-by Gerard Gertoux?
Probably the most important book of the decade!
Explore the history of the Divine Name, go beyond Raymondus Martini and the pronunciation Yahweh. If you read one book this year on Bible history, this is it.
click here for more

Christology and the Trinity: An Exploration
The online book by brilliant new author Edgar Foster
"The Kenosis of Jesus Christ: What It Tells Us About the Son of God"
"Aseity and Trinity" plus here.
The long-awaited addition on Hebrews 1:8 here.

What is the Best New Testament?
50 years ago respected textual critic Ernest Cadman Colwell created an apparatus of 64 scriptures to determine which is the best New Testament. I created a chart using the same criteria...and the results will surprise you!! click here for more

Which is the Best Old Testament?
Which Bible best retains the original wording prior to the emendations (corrections) made to the Hebrew text.
Is your mainstream Bible ripping you off?
Again...the results will surprise you!! click here for more

Visit the Book Store
Buy scanned and Xerox copies of Newcome's 1808 Corrected New Testament, George Barker Steven's NT, Weigall's "The Paganism in our Christianity," Machen's NT Greek for Beginners, plus more, for only $9.95. Used copies of Goodspeed's Bible, and the Revised English Bible also available. click here for more

On the Construction of Romans IX:5
[From the Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis for 1881.] Now complete, sans Notes A & B
Written by Ezra Abbott  click here for more

Jesus: GOD or the Son of God?
A new book by Brian Holt, available at
This is a wonderful book with 366 pages of an easy to understand analysis of the Trinity going through all the books of the NT one by one.
For more Book Recommendations, click here

The Tetragrammaton YHWH/JHVH
Is it Yahweh, Jehovah, or just plain LORD?
Why Does Ron Rhodes hate the name? click here

The ARCHE at Rev. 3:14-Ruler or Beginning?
The BADG has given more weight to Christ being a created being.
Was the genitive construction a factor? click here

John 1:1-The Most Talked about Scripture 
Was the Word "a god", "God" or "divine"?
Is Logos a substitution for Sophia/Wisdom?click here

For KKLA Radio misrepresentation of this page, click here
To purchase Newcome's 1808 Revised New Testament for $9.95 on CD-Rom-click here.

The Tetragrammaton and the Christian Greek Scriptures
My response to Lynn Lundquist's book on the topic that was sent to every Kingdom Hall in
As posted on JW United. click here

John 1:3,4-Bible Versions and Punctuation
Is "without Him nothing was made that was made" wrong?
also, Staircase Parallelism, Agency and Caris click here

From the publishers
"In regards to your puerile insistence on the 'Divine Name'" here

Colossians 2:9 and QEIOTHS vs QEOTHTOS
The Fullness of the "Deity" or "divine quality?"
The NASB against the NWT- an online reply to Mark McFall" click here

The King James Version-Is it the Best?
Can you understand what you are reading?
"Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing."click here

Matt 25:46-How Should kolasin be translated ?
"Eternal Punishment/Torment" or "Cutting -Off"! 
What is the lexical/Biblical evidence? click here

Trinitarian Bias in Bible Translations
Trinitarian differences in different versions.
A chart with differences in translations of certain scriptures like John 1:1;Acts 20:28 etc click here

King James the Fop
The truth behind the character of the King and the making of the Authorized Version.
A great article by Global Insights. click here

The Majority Text/Byzantine Text vs the Modern Critical Text
With Another Look at the King James Version
An introduction to Textual Criticism. click here

The New World Translation vs. the NIV and the NASB
Making comparisons and answering the charges of bias
click here for more

Ezra Abbot on the Construction of Titus 2:13
Shall we translate, "the appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ"? or, "the appearing of the glory of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"?
click here for more

Are there Contradictions in the Bible?
Answering the Atheists
Scripture by Scripture click here

Another Trinity Bias Chart
Differences in Zech 12:10; Jn 8:58; Eph 5:5; 
Col 1:15;
Rev 3:14 etc click here

Which Bible Version Do You Use Most?
Do you use the most? Is it the NWT, NIV, KJV, NAB, ESV, RSV,
NEB, REB, NJB, NLT, NASB, NJPS, HCSB, NKJV? click here to vote

In Memory of Jabec Bellehumeur
Please Don't Drink and Drive his mother, Joan Brown click here

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On a quick note: "These various readings, though very numerous, do not in any degree affect the general credit and integrity of the text: the general uniformity of which, in so many copies, scattered through almost all countries in the known world, and in so great a variety of languages, is truly astonishing, and demonstrates both the veneration in which the scriptures were held, and the great care which was taken in transcribing them. Of the 150,000 various readings which have been discovered by the sgacity and diligence of collators, not one tenth, nor one hundredth part, make any perceptible, or at least any material variation in any sense. Introduction to the New Testament in an Improved Version Upon the basis of Archbishop Newcome's New Translation 1808

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