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   We HERE  a Lot of People Saying This as if They were Smarter Then YHWH.

   And God Should Serve Them and do as They Advise Him To Do.


   IF I WAS GOD------ If you was God—What would You DO ?


We Would All have to go Through ( 1 to 3) Again—

Is That What You Want ?


For the Long of it—See Below and Read All You Can –

If Your’ve Got The Will


Here’s the Short OF IT—Satan--( Rule’s Over Us )


(1)  Eve Desired it (To be Like God) Gen 3 -1-6       <


      (2)  Satan Accomplished it --- ( The Rule Over Us ) . Luke 4-8,-- Eze 28 13-19,--

(1)     John 14.30,-

      2 Cor 4.4,--2 Cor11-14-15, 1-John 1 -5-19,--Rev 12-9 

 Do You Thing You Could Rule Better Than Satan Has Done---Even if God Served Your Thoughts ?


(3) YHWH’S Resolution----Gen 3-15


reso[lu[tion 7rez#!    l1$*!n8 WEBSTER’S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY



5ME resolucioun, dissolution < MFr resolution < L resolutio < resolutus: see prec.6


(1)  a) the act or process of resolving something or breaking it up into its constituent parts or elements b) the result of this

(2)   a) a resolving, or determining; deciding b) the thing determined upon; decision as to future action; resolve

3   a resolute quality of mind

4   a formal statement of opinion or determination adopted by an assembly or other formal group

(5)   a solving, as of a puzzle, or answering, as of a question; solution

6   that part of a play, novel, etc. in which the plot is explained or made clear

7   Med. the subsidence or disappearance of swelling, fever, or other manifestation of disease

8   Music a) the passing of a dissonant chord (or tone in a chord) to a consonant chord (or tone) b) a chord or tone to which such passing occurs

9   Physics the capability of an optical system, or other imaging system, of making clear and distinguishable the separate parts or components of an object

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For the Long of it-

6000 Years +

Gen 1.1 To Rev 22.21+Over 1870 Years


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                    Question  ? 3-26-2005

Why is Another Bible WebSite Needed ?

Simple Answer—The Apostles Have Been Dead For Over 1870 Years and

Most Christian Churches have Let Their Doctrines Become Incorporated

With Gentile Beliefs in God—and into The Truths God Gave to the Isrealites –Then to His Newly Approved Christian Religion--

That Took App-66 years to Complete The Greek Holy Writings After Jesus’ Death.

There are many Books and Writings on this Subject—And You Have Free-Will to

Examine as Many as you Desire---Free-Will is what Sbt-Stresses.

Sbt—Doesn’t Sell God’s Words-Any Links have to Answer

For Themselves-Rom 14-10-12 ,Rom 15 -4-6. Matt 10-8.                               

Does the Truth Really Matter----Eve believed a Lie and she died --


Many Conclude-- knowing the truth really doesn’t matter, so they’ve given up in their search. Please don’t do that, because it can be found

What is Truth?

At John 18:37, 38 we find this interchange of words between Jesus and Pontius Pilate (which started when Jesus was on trial):

(Pilate) ‘You aren’t a king, are you?’

(Jesus) ‘You are saying that I’m a king. This is why I was born and why I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is on the side of truth listens to my voice.’

(Pilate) ‘What is truth?

Pilate’s cynical and sullen question certainly seems appropriate in the world that we’re living in today, because truth – real, absolute truth – is very difficult to find. And what people accept as truth is usually shaded by propaganda, news sources, what they were taught in school, what they were taught in church, and by accepting the word of ‘authorities.’ However, only the most ignorant will accept everything they are told, unflinchingly and unquestioningly… but this is what most religions expect of us.

But the fact is, if we’re really searching for the truth, we must question everything we’ve been taught, and then change our thinking to wherever that leads us.

Now, the things that Jesus said were truly unvarnished, absolute truth, for if you read his words in the book of John (do a word search) you’ll find that he said he spoke of truth dozens of times there. Why, as he said, the reason why he came to the earth was in fact, to ‘testify to the truth.’ For that reason, Christians should place a highest priority on telling and on searching for the truth, especially when it comes to truth from the Bible. However, like Pilate, many have simply become too cynical in their disgust for religion and have concluded that knowing the truth really doesn’t matter, so they’ve given up in their search. Please don’t do that, because it can be found.





If you are Searching for Truths—In Word Meanings

SCROLL Down PAST the Last Chapter ( Chapter 21 ) in John and Read All the EnLighting Notes.

This is Done Very Well !!


2001 Translation John 1:1

John 1:1



NSB Translation Notes--


SBT Believes It Can Get The True Out Of Any Bible—

                      Only because of a Trained Eye

                            on Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


















                              C/H - JOHN1onePLUS.htm



–SO HELP US ALL Y.eH.oW.aH  in English Jehovah            




If You go to a Congregation that Teaches all the Above ---You can feel Safe and not Sorry about tthat--

Read Heb-1o-23-26.  SBT is only a Reference Library—Not The Salvation Congregation !!!

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