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Although the term does not appear in the New Testament, those that profess this Trinity doctrine maintain that the (Concept) is clearly seen in many places therein, most explicitly in the accounts of Jesus' baptism (see Luke 3:21-22). These creeds were formulated and ratified by the undivided Church of the third and fourth centuries in reaction to heretical notions, some involving the nature of the Trinity, and Christ's position in it. The creeds have been retained in some form by most Protestants, though many fail to acknowledge this fact.


The Nicene Creed, which is a classic formulation of this doctrine, used "homoousia" (Greek: of same substance) to define the relationship among the members of the Godhead. The spelling of this word differs by a single Greek letter, "one iota", from the word used by non-trinitarians at the time, "homoiousia", (Greek: of similar substance): a fact which has since become proverbial, representing the deep divisions occasioned by seemingly small imprecisions, especially in theology.( Homoousion.htm) (Concept) Explicitly.htm

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The Blessed Trinity is God according to the doctrine of most branches of Christianity. The doctrine says that though God is one God, He exists in three distinct persons, usually referred to as God the Father, God the Son (or Son of God), and the Holy Spirit. Historically, this Trinitarian view has been affirmed as an article of faith by the Nicene (325) and Athanasian Creeds (circa 500).

Notes -He exists in three distinct persons, Imaginary Concepts

Imaginary Concepts should be listed as such as a second possibility at best and as a note foot, and Not as Holy Doctrine By God’s Written Inspired Words ---According to the definition of Blasphemous.htm that Would be any Doctrine that was not originated my the first century Christians--- but you have Free-Will (FREEasGOD.htm)--                                                                                                     

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