ImitateWho        Today Is 10-25-18. The Two Most Popular Questions Ask in the PAST YEAR are.

                                            How do I know WHAT a PREACHER says is it really from GOD & Who to Imitate.

It Is Easier to Tell, but  99% of the People Doesn’t  Know what to look for---Get the answer--Open –False Preachers. And Imitate.

Open Main Topics   Best Bibles  FREE-WILL  Statements OFaith Q and A.-Open -Library Note1-On Statement of Faith.

Why I It So IMPORTANT--See Below--About The Statement Of

 Faith: The most important thing a Person Seeking God’s Original Truth

They Must First Know –What The Statements OFaith Declares--Read The Introduction—See Below—

To The Easy Way to Sort Out Basic Theological Errors. Most Church Goers Trust Thier Church to Teach Doctrines Right and Don’t Scrutinize Them.

If Doctrines are taught wrong and a person believes them, it will cost them they future—See Last Days Truth is getting better by the year now.

                                                                              Some More Vital Main Topics

                                                                                                                   WHO’S Lying about the Trindirty

WHO’S Lying Jesus And The Holy Spirit Or The Nicene Creeds--GOD or god Movie Page Info Has a lot of good info on bad Doctrines from Demons.


           From here on down are more Popular Topics that people have ask about and got excellent answers from

                             Several deferent reliable ask answer websites—Public Participation.   

Satan is the MASTER of Deception and He get people to believe LIES That He conjures up and Christian teaches people that they HOLY and come JESUS---Proof Read Christians: Matthew7:21-23 where do these ones who claim they do powerful works, prophesy and expel demons

get their power if Jesus rejects them on the basis they are not doing the will of the fatherOpen

Read more: 


                                                             There Is Much More About Deception

Now That We Are In The  CommunicationsAge.htm We Can ***Examine ***Everything Ourselves -

Study The ImitateRule.htm--IntroductionForConcernedStudents.htm-General  Introduction.htm

The Expository Library 20.htm  Created First.htm

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SBT1-The TETRAGRAMMATON.htm Testifie                          


    Here is a Very important note.

Always Keep In Mind That Most all If Not all Proclaimed Christian Groups and individuals Base their

Statement of Faith (s) SB and/or Beliefs *from* the Bibles Translations They Rely Upon *for *Truth.

Note God give to all free will to believe whatever they chose just as Adam and Eve had R/in FREE-WILL.htm


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For More Important TOPICS – Open More TopicsToday is 11-5-13


Why do some people stuffer because they Study GOD’s Word—Coming Soon.