Imply-Updated 6-20-2020. The First Implied Lie Then JesusíID

Open First Implied Lie is what started all mans and

Angels problems. Important Commentary On Adam

And Eve That Very Few Know. Adam and Eve did not ask

Forgiveness and they both blamed God for what They didó

Learn This Open God Said To Adam And Eve.

That is in Gen-3-12-13-ParallelCommentaries.htm



Satanís Next Biggest Lie. Fact:  None Of 

The First Century Christians Believed That 

Jesus Was God or Any Part Of A Trinity

Open First Christians

Ann More In

Open Jesus Was Not God or Any Part Of A Trinity.


Implying that Jesus is something More Then 

What He Himself said about Himself is comparable

To Satanís first Lie. And there are many Open Lies. 


Study Jesus Testimony Of Himself




Is DenyingJesus


Compare Satan And Jesus. Use B2. Bibles


Does the [Truth] Really Matter-Eve believed a Lie

and she died. If YOU believe a lie wittingly or unwittingly

then teach that lie that makes YOU liar. Satan wants YOU 

to lie and die eternally. Many expressions about

the same Open [Lie]s about Jesus and His God.

And Open [Truth] 


More in Lies Part2.

And Learn More Open ABOUTUS



God Is Not A Mystery & WHY.
"There Is One God And One Mediator Between

God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 

1 Timothy (2:5)0

The Oneness Of God In Christ

Compare SBTs

Oneness. OnenessAndTrinitarians.

SBT Believes And SBT Part-2.


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