Today Money Rules!  There is a saying that he who has the Gold Rules.

It rules the Trinitarian Bible Websites and chocks out that Jesus is the son of God—

Not GodTheSon Facts in GODorgod.htm


Important Note About Search Engines And Trinitarian Bible Websites—5-11-2018


The Trinitarian Bible Websites and Trinitarian Bible Church Websites

Have Google and Other search engine are loaded with Bible Websites and

Bible Church Websites Results at the top of the search results list

(List Called Adword Advertising websites)

They paid big bucks for that service to the search engine companies.


To get at the top of the list can cost as much as $15,000 per month.

SBT was told This by a google Adward reprehensive.


Call for yourself  Google AdWords Digital Account Manager --800-826-9988 or 1 800-826-9988


It is almost impossible to put into the search engines Key Words for the subject

 YOU Are looking for and get any Non-Trinitarian Bible Websites or Churches. 

You First have to enter the words Non-Trinitarian Bible Websites or Churches —to get them.

Who knows to do that?

SBT Knows of None that Know that. Do YOU?

So we (SBT) are educating the public what do to see the small amount of

Non-Trinitarian Bible Websites or Churches listed compared to

The mental imaginary concept of the Trinity. The Trinitarian Bible Websites.

The Non Trinitarian Bible Websites.


Heres what YOU get


Microsoft Edge Results using Bing Open

I found this interesting FACT Open


Fact SatanHasConqueredTheChurchesOfChristendomHowSo.htm



Ask Yourself this: Do I Believe that Jesus is GodTheSon .

Do YOU Want Others to Believe that Jesus is GodTheSon 


T-O-Trinitarian/Oneness (web-sites)-pro Nicene--Creed-Mental-Imaginary-Concepts of God’s head-

Also See TrinityBestDescribedAndSimplified.htm

Compare Chart in 0A1.htm


Survey Question: If YOU believe that Jesus is the Son of God and not GodTheSon. Please support SBT.

Do YOU want SBT to compete with the Trinitarian Bible Websites? Answer Yes or No?

e-mail it to the or if you

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SBT Needs Your Support--

To help paid for this websites expenses---PayPalOpen

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Example--e-mail each website for their statement of faith if you can’t find it on any of their pages.

Open There statement of faith shows that they believe in the mental imaginary concept of the Trinity.

They are Part of T-O-Trinitarian/Oneness (web-sites)-pro Nicene--Creed-Mental-Imaginary-Concepts of God’s head-

Also See TrinityBestDescribedAndSimplified.htm


Open statement of faith and read it.




About Us - Bible Hub


About Us: Our mission. 1 ... in 2007 several sites were integrated to form and later Statement of Faith. ...

we have provided a statement of .. Statement of Faith To answer many of your questions regarding the philosophy behind this site, we have provided a

statement of faith. However we wish to encourage everybody, regardless of their belief system, to use this site to learn more about the Bible.


The last sentence is kind of them and there are a lot of good features on that site.


There commentaries verse by verse are pretty good except when it comes to Jesus they state he is God or God the Son.

You Opinion on Jesus is God? Does it really matter—Read Trinitarian  or Unitarian: Does it really matter?



Compare Non Trinity

TRUTH OR TRADITION? Helping you understand the Word of God, free from the traditions of men.




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