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SBT Is A Biblical Library M-10-8 Which Is A Storage Place Of Vital Important Bible

 Facts [2]That Informs People Of How Damgerous (Open Unbiblical Words) Beliefs

(Myths} Have Crept Into The 41000+ Meanstream Independently Named Churches [2].

 God Only Started One Congregation-Open One.htm. Plus There are Thousands

Of Bias Bible Websites We Have Today That Have No Church.They All Make Up

Today What Is Called Christendom. Which makes false beliefs appear to be true.

Read CorruptedVersesExposed  When do most Bibles contradict themselves 

Open 1d. More Excellent Popular Bible Subjects Are In Open The Introduction.   

 Bible Publishers Accountable to Who 


A Very Popular Subject Is

Why did God not destroy Adam and Eve and start over

 with another human pair? Open All Suffering Soon to End.

There  Are Logical answers to every Bible question. Why It is so hard to get the

 real truth today. Contact US.

We Must Heed Jesus' Words and Not Man

Made Myths And Imaginary Concepts and Doctrines and

Beliefs About Him. Read Matt-12-35,36,37. Examine Good and Bad Fruit

Compare Open Unbiblical Words That Invalidate Gods Words 

And Rev22-16-21. Understand



Learn About

Which Has Bible Subjects With The Original Apostles writing without

Mythical words Adding To Their Real Meanings.

Learn Corrupted Verses Exposed.

One of The Main Points of Is That Theoretical Truth Is-

For there is one God,+ and one mediator + Jesus

Not The Myth  About God The Son.

Learn Who Brought US The

Accurate Knowledge of All Is Gods Will.

 At SBT God Is Not A Mystery WHY. 


The Real Faith Is Totally Misunderstood by Christendom Churches 

and Bible Websites that have the reputation of adding Myths to what they teach.

Open Faith and get the real understanding that that Apostles were teaching.

Next Is How many Theocratical Lies Does one have to believe to lose Out

on everlasting life,lose out on Salvation? Open TheoreticalLies. 

Ask Yourself This.

ARE you a spiritual-minded person or are you a physical-minded person?

 A physical man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they

are foolishness to him. However, the spiritual man examines indeed all

things. Study Are You a Spiritual Person?. And The Meek1's

Read all the Open Meek.  

 See All Main Topics In Contents.   

 At SBT Its All Free. There Is Nothing To Join,

No Secret Pass Code To Access Information Like A Lot of

Bias Church And Bible Websites Require of YOU.

Just Contact US And We Will Send YOU The Best Information

About Any Bible Related

SBTs Statement Of Faith Is In SBTBelieves.

Very Important Note In 

Open Believes Extra Note.htm

Old Index Page For Those That Like It.

Much More Details In It.

The Open Index Home Page 


And Then Open Why SBT Needed A New Index. 


For The Most Accurate Bibles Open 4 Plus 3 More Now. 

The Importance of False Baptism Matt-28-19-S 

And Matt 28-1Plus 1Jn5:7


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