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YHWH Is GOD Y.eH.oW.aH In Hebrew I-AMWho is I and what is AM I AM God’s Son The First Creation1-- Plus

 [3:6]7C God And I Am Are Not Names Compare John 17:3 In Bibles Two Types

                             This Biblical Library Gives YOU Access to Unadulterated Christian Theology

                                              Like GOD That Doesn’t Chance—See 20.h-And Best Commentaries/MaL/3:67

                New Best Bibles Will We Ever Get it Right?-Open-[4[BN] [WC] Why Need A New Bible Translation 

Why do People Continue to Produce New Bible Translations? From--

BEST SUGGESTION Is Read Preface or Introduction to any New Bible. Example Open Read the Introduction

                                             Check for Theocratical Bias. Compare DOCTRINEBuster1.htm


Bible Publishers Accountable To Who[4]  John1:1Page   JOHN-3-16  3 Kinds Of Christ God Theologies

Which One Do YOU Believe Biblically? Details R/in Open [3KCGT] R/in Means References in— Googles-SBT-Top-Subject-Choices.htm

Those that worship God  Must worship him in Spirit and in Truth  John 4-24-- Must  Leases No Room For Error!!!!                            

 Consistency Is a Must for Bible accuracy Open The Three Worst Printed Mistakes In All The Bible Are

In (1) Isaiah 9:6 (2)) John 1:1 and (3) John 20:28–-Details R/in ThreeWorstMistakesAre.htm--FootNotesOnIsaiah-9-6-John-1-1-And-John-20-28.htm

 The IMPORTANT of "ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE”  Believing Imaginary Theocratic Doctrines is the same as Satan’s Lie to Eve—Lose Eternal Life. Read Theocratical Lies.

Simple Bible Truths Statement of Basic Beliefs are in the article FREE-WILL and

Why God’s Word Is FREE No money-making business here at SBT-Details Open Matt-10-8. 

Library’s  Purpose Is To Expose Intentional Fallacies, And To Convey Accurate Historical Biblical Truth

 Article are refined for easier understanding but the real meaning doesn’t chance

Compare- Malachi+3+6 –BUT Doctrines From Demons Do-1-Tim4-1-Plus Do.

So we expose them for YOU. FootNotesOnIsaiah-9-6J-ohn-1-1-And-John-20-28.htm 

God’s WORD have been written down that YOU may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, and that, because of believing, 

YOU may have life by means of his name. Compare God The Son and Imaginary Concepts.

The Testimony Of Jesus--Jesus Testifies About Himself--Testimony Of Himself--The Son of God, (Also see Jesus-Life & Lies )


                                                             Main Concern Today Is

                                                     Don’t Mess With GODs Words 


                                               ***Who Is Holy? And What Is Holy?*** 

                                                        The Most Important Subject for all Want to be True Christians Today Is[7Q]

                                   ***Readers Participation On Bible Translations And Versions***

                                              On***Who Is Holy? And What Is Holy?*** 

                                                               Open 7 Questions Plus1


. The  HB-Library  Links Have Excellent Reliable AK Biblical Information About The Subjects.

. There Are Repeats. But they are from different creditable sources making them in harmony to what is Accurate Historical Biblical Truth

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 The Holy Bible Was Written So We Would Know The Truth and Not Myths.  If YOU don’t believe that then YOU are at the wrong Biblical Library.                                     

.  Compare Open New We are .net ‘‘We Are Not Associated with’’ New We


            .                                                          Movie Page   Movie P Info

Excellent Videos Explaining--How Satan[Jn8/44]Gets Paganism into Christendom and Laughs about it.

And Gets Pagan Symbols into Christianity Satan[Jn8/44]And Using Unbiblical Words That Invalidate Gods Words.

The Videos are in Movie Page   Movie P Info


. Christendom Chuches and Myths. Matt13C--We Are In the Final Harvest Before The Great Tribulation[2T8].

The separation of the wheat and the weeds of Professed Christians is being done.

 Does The Church YOU Go To Reframe from man made imaginary doctrinal Add-ons explained in R/in Rev-22-16-21 


Doctrines From Demons-1-Tim4-1-Plus  Compare Open


Christendom Makes Up 99% Of Professed Christians Compare Open


Accurate Knowledge Of The Truth Does Exist AK-HOW-IMPORTANT Satan[Jn8/44]Tries to Stop it—Success Rate 99%  20.htm  


.  SBT Has the Best and Exposes All The Rest--To See if They Are Imitating   Gods Penmen’s Writings


3 Kinds Of Christ God Theologies but only one is right Biblically.


Godhead  First Fabricated by Wycliffe 1395 Compare Add-ons.htm


Forgiveness This subject is very interesting and is a New Page So Please Add Your Comment



R/in Open MattC10-8 E-Mail US Any Bible Related Question Open E-Mail US 

We Are Not Associated with Open New They Teach and Promote Myths does not



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                Who is Jesus Jesus PageAt John 4-24 Jesus Say we must. Must leaves no room for Myths.

. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth--John 4-24 And John17:3  Reads

This is everlasting life that they should have *deep, intimate knowledge of you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom

You have commissioned *(Greek: ginosko: know, perceive, be sure, understand) From 

                                                                                               Two Types of Bibles.


God is a Spirit: Compare a Verses And they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth-John 4-24 And John17:3 Reads

This is everlasting life that they should have *deep, intimate knowledge of you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom

You have commissioned *(Greek: ginosko: know, perceive, be sure, understand) From

At John 4-24 Jesus Say we must. Must Leaves No Room For Myths. Open Myths.


  The word that made Jesus God- Open Homoousion

Simple Bible Truths Does Not Indorse Any Man Made DOCTRINES As Holy Truth.

Compare Gods Penmens Writings  Is only Holy Truth.


WHO’S Lying Jesus And The Holy Spirit Or The Nicene Creeds



.  More Popular Subjects; And See all The New Links On John 1:1

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. More In Index Regular Subjects 2012-13  Popular Links and Recommended Study Links Open R-LINKs.      

Simple Bible Truths Statement of Basic Beliefs are in the article FREE-WILL


Freely SBT Received God’s Word, Freely SBT Gives

. Why God’s Word Is FREE  No money-making business here at SBT-Details Open Matt-10-8. 

What does the Holy Spirit do for us today

Answer. It helps us to remember what real truth God gave God’s Penmens Writings 

If it did not come from them –then we don’t need it—See Foot-Notes 

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HOW To Tell If a Preacher Is False—Easily—Open> False Preachers.htm

Bibles With Strong's Numbers and Thayer: Thayer Promotes the Trinity Strong's Don’t.

From GOD or god the Creator Open 2316

2316 theós God, the Creator and owner of all things (Jn 1:3; Gen 1 - 3).

[Long before the NT was written, 2316 (theós) referred to the  supreme being who owns and sustains all things.]

GOD or god  Y.eH.oW.aH  Jehovah The Eternal One  The Eternal One God WITH LOVE FOR THE TRUTH—THE WHOLE TRUTH  AND  NOTHING BUT THE

TRUTH-SO HELP US ALL Y.eH.oW.aH in English Jehovah


When did Jesus become Eternal Open  Eternal Son Of God  What Is Oneness


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