Interpretation of The Bible--How Can It Get Done With

Accuracy. Man has tried to explain the Message

of the Bible by making up Doctrines.

The First Thing to understand is there are man made DOCTRINES[1] 

for which have Pros and Cons--verses for and against. Man comes 

up[1] with some conclusions after looking at several verses and then says

here is what all these verses mean. Then another person or a group of

people can Quote different verses and say the other group conclusions are

different from ours and theirs is wrong and ours is right or better.

The fact is that no man made Doctrine is Holy because only what God

has revealed to us IS Holy.If a man made Doctrine[1] is formulated with

several different verses that all support the same thought, then YOU will

see something good. E-Mail Us with any YOU know of. Remember if it is

not from God’s Inspired Word --ALL Verses fully for and no against, if not,

then it is from some persons imagination[1][2].. Compare Some[1][2] and 



Some Say- The Bible Interprets It Self—Example Sola-scriptura

-(Latin ablative, "by scripture alone") ("Scripture interprets Scripture"),

and sufficient of itself to be the final authority of Christian doctrine.


The Best Simple Truth Rule is –Pull up all verses pertaining to any one given

Subject—all verses must be in harmony –meaning all verses say the same

thing although they may be worded slightly different–If some verses do not

Harmonize with all the other verses of the same subject then –those verses

Pertain to a Special person or a group for that time ---that they were written

 for—IE-.Some verses may not harmonize –Due to Subject and of Time and

 Place for the real Purpose of those Verses.--Simply don’t use those verses

or any verse that does not fit in with what you are investigating to determine

your interpretation or decision to what you are looking to achieve as sound belief.

Make sure where is no Gentile Mythology mixed in.

Compare Many Different Translations  for -Prov8-22 [1]


Now That We Are In The CommunicationsAge.htm---20.htm 

We Can ***Examine ***  Everything Ourselves[1][2]m

The Expository Library 20.htm


No more Doctrines are needed

Check this out Open [1] and [2]--Add Your Comments. 

Foot-Notes are needed Open [1].

If You go to a Congregation that Teaches all the Above ---

You can feel Safe and not Sorry about that--SBT is only a

Reference Library—Not The Salvation Congregation!! 

Read! Heb10-23-26






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