JesusExistasASeparateBeingWithGODAlways and also READ

How Can Anyone Think That They Know More About Jesus then Jesus knows about himself?

If YOU do YOU are making YOUR Self equal to JehovahOrYahweh.

How can anyone say I love Jesus when You Deny He Really Exist Separately as a being with His GOD

and Father at The RightHandOfGod.htm (YOU believe in the second person of the Trindirty.htm a phantom)


Jesus is real with a life of his own. Jesus was with God before he came to earth

And a separate being with GOD now. John 17: 5 Jesus Said And now O Father glorify thou me with thine own self

with the glory which I had with thee before the world was KJV/W/StrongsN0.s






Jesus Life The second person of the Trindirty a phantom. The Trindirty strips Jesus of Him BIRTH DAY Rev3-14.htm & open N-C-O-W2


Jesus was with the Father  before the world was -----before THE earth was made.

Jesus was with His GOD and Father---J-Y Is Jesus a liar or

Did the Nicene Creed Makers know more about Jesus then He did of Himself?. Open Jesus Open CommunicationsAge.htm

Now That We Are In The Communications Age.htm--20.htm We Can ***Examine ***  Everything Ourselves IntroductionForConcernedStudents.htm---OpenIntroduction.htm Plus SbtsCommentaryNote.htm The Expository Library 20.htm    

King James set the pattern for a lying Bible translation and that has been proved over and over 



THEY believers of the false declaration Nicene open N-C-O-W2


those believers HAVE BEEN successful in hiding Bibles that that render the truth


Especially these Bibles  SBT1- HAS DONE THE ***Time Consuming*** RESEARCH WORK FOR YOU---ENJOY

The List

(1) In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word

Diaglot1865 Diaglot NT Free Downloads For Diaglot- Online Now-+ Open

What Is a god.

Open CopticsPlus

Compare Homoousion/Theology=The word that made Jesus God-Open Homoousion




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- Open GodtheSon.htm†††


John 1 NSB and Others (52 THRU 56) Online Now in Open B2.htm or BnTOBibles-

(2) Harwood, 1768, "and was himself a divine person"

Newcome's version (1796), and the Word was God. In 1808 Thomas Belsham and a Unitarian committee revised Newcome's translation after his death in 1800. Belsham's Revised NT was published in London in 1808 and in Boston in 1809 to read "the Word was a god."

R/in Reference in Open Belsham's Unitarian New Testament (1808) - Bible Research


(4) Thompson, 1829, "the Logos was a god
(5) Goodspeed, 1939, "the Word was divine
(6) Torrey, 1947, "the Word was god
(7) New English, 1961, "what God was,the Word was"
(8) Moffatt, 1972, "the Logos was divine
(9) Reijnier Rooleeuw, 1694, "and the Word was a god"
(10) Simple English Bible, "and the Message was Deity"
(11) Hermann Heinfetter, 1863, [A]s a god the Command was"
(12) Abner Kneeland, 1822, "The Word was a God"
(13) Robert Young, 1885, (Concise Commentary) "[A]nd a God (i.e. a Divine Being) was the Word"
(14) Leicester Ambrose, 1879, "And the logos was a god"
(15) Charles A.L. Totten, 1900, "the Word was Deistic [=The Word was Godly]
(16) J.N. Jannaris, 1901, [A]nd was a god"
(17) George William Horner, 1911, [A]nd (a) God was the word"
(18) Ernest Findlay Scott, 1932, "[A]nd the Word was of divine nature"
(19) ames L. Tomanec, 1958, [T]he Word was a God"
(20) Philip Harner, 1974, "The Word had the same nature as God"
(21) Maximilian Zerwich S.J./Mary Grosvenor, 1974, "The Word was divine"
(22) Siegfried Schulz, 1975, "And a god (or, of a divine kind) was the Word"
(23) Translator's NT, 1973, "The Word was with God and shared his nature
(24) Barclay, 1976, "the nature of the Word was the same as the nature of God"
(25) Schneider, 1978, "and godlike sort was the Logos
(26) Schonfield, 1985, "the Word was divine
(27) Revised English, 1989, "what God was, the Word was
(28) Cotton Parch Version, 1970, and the Idea and God were One
(29) Scholar's Version, 1993, "The Divine word and wisdom was there with God, and it was what God was
(30) Madsen, 1994, "the Word was <EM>a divine Being"
(31) Becker, 1979, "ein Gott war das Logos" [a God/god was the Logos/logos]
(32) Stage, 1907, "Das Wort war selbst gttlichen Wesens" [The Word/word was itself a divine Being/being].
(33) Bhmer, 1910, "Es war fest mit Gott verbunden, ja selbst gttlichen Wesens" [It was strongly linked to God, yes itself divine Being/being]
(34) Thimme, 1919, "Gott von Art war das Wort" [God of Kind/kind was the Word/word]
(35) Baumgarten et al, 1920, "Gott (von Art) war der Logos" [God (of Kind/kind) was the Logos/logos]
(36) Holzmann, 1926, "ein Gott war der Gedanke" [a God/god was the Thought/thought]
(37) Rittenlmeyer, 1938, "selbst ein Gott war das Wort" [itself a God/god was the Word/word]
(38) Lyder Brun (Norw. professor of NT theology), 1945, "Ordet var av guddomsart" [the Word was of divine kind]
(39) Pfaefflin, 1949, "war von gttlicher Wucht [was of divine Kind/kind]
(40) Albrecht, 1957, "gttlichen Wesen hatte das Wort" [godlike Being/being had the Word/word]
(41) Smit, 1960, "verdensordet var et guddommelig vesen" [the word of the world was a divine being]
(42) Menge, 1961, "Gott (= gttlichen Wesens) war das Wort"[God(=godlike Being/being) was the Word/word)
(43) Haenchen, 1980, "Gott (von Art) war der Logos" [God (of Kind/kind) was the Logos/logos]
(44) Die Bibel in heutigem Deutsch, 1982, "r war bei Gott und in allem Gott gleich"[He was with God and in all like God]
(45) Haenchen (tr. By R. Funk), 1984, "divine (of the category divinity)was the Logos"
(46) Schultz, 1987, "ein Gott (oder: Gott von Art) war das Wort" [a God/god (or: God/god of Kind/kind) was the Word/word].
(47) William Temple, Archbishop of York, 1933, "And the Word was divine."
(48) John Crellius, Latin form of German, 1631, "The Word of Speech was a God"
(49) Greek Orthodox /Arabic translation, 1983, "the word was with Allah[God] and the word was a god"
(50) Ervin Edward Stringfellow (Prof. of NT Language and Literature/Drake University, 1943, "And the Word was Divine"
(51) Robert Harvey, D.D., 1931 "and the Logos was divine (a divine being)----

Reading This makes no mystery out of Biblical-Theology.htm

One and the same as Truth is the correct belief

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JesusLife was with the Father  before the world was before THE earth was make

and Jesus was

 5 And now O Father glorify thou me with thine own self

with the glory which I had with thee before the world was KJV/W/StrongsN0.s

John 17:5 (Amplified Bible)

5And now, Father, glorify Me along with Yourself and restore Me to such majesty and honor in Your presence as I had with You before the world existed.


In a message dated 5/7/2010 10:47:18 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

I love Jesus---According to YOUR belief there is no real Jesus

only Jehovah using another name --AA Is Jesus Real To You Part

 Jesus-Life & Lies-JOHN1onePLUS-FREE-WILL-20

YOU T/O Ďs Trinitarian/Oneness Believers confuse people to the point that

people think the Bible Contradicts itself

and they don't know what to believe

that  Imitate.htm


 HomoousionTheology=The word that made Jesus God-Open Homoousion C.E./

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Mystery doctrines Let them go!!!!!!!