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Check out the top 10 Bible Websites Written by JEFF WHITE on JANUARY 12, 2012 and

YOU will discover that they all have one thing in Common.

That they are all biased-Pro-Nicene-Creeds-325/381

Websites and against the Apostleís_Creed denying

Godís Only Begotten Son Life as Godís First Born

Open Top-10-christian-websites.

If can find one Website out of the 10 that is Ė

Ant-Nicene+Creeds-Or for the-Apostolic_Fathers

Or Ante-Nicene_Fathers

Please share it with the


Compare Open the top-10-christian-websites and many others

and see how many of them are free and with no commercials.

Open .google. Bible+Websites =and you will see this, about 22,400,000 results (in 0.17 seconds)

If you survey only 50, please share the results with us. Write the