Jesus Page. Who is [Jesus] Simplified? Jesus Is The Son of God.  A person can make it Simple or Incomprehensible.[NC] 

First UP Question Jesus Ask the Apostles Who do YOU say I-am. There are many I-AM’s in the Bible  -Open [I-AM]

And I am Resolved For a complete list of verses.

Each Person Must Resolve for Their self Today as did The Nicene-Creed Makers did in 325 to 381 A.D-Onward over and over [TR].

The write up on this page and its [LINKs] can make a serious person that believes that the Word of God is in the Holy Bible.

Should such a person not want to know why anyone could think it is Ok to use unbiblical words to describe Jesus and His Father

like God’s words are inadequate, and men has to tell God what He is made of, as if the men of the Nicene-Creeds Made God.

Plus down through the years they have Changed Bible Words to support their mental imaginary concept of God with made up Unbiblical Words. .

                   Now That We Are In The Communications Age.htm We Can *Examine * Everything Ourselves 

                             Open [Bible Words Changed]  Study the words by opening the [LINKs]  and Add Your Comment.

Issues About Jesus

(1) Did God create Jesus or not [5][AB]. Does Jesus have [Life] in himself [J526] separate from His GOD [6] and Father?.

Father through the Son, created the Holy Spirit The Father, [AB].  There is no verse to Holy Verse to support that.


There is no Holy Verse to support consubstantial, homoiousia, ousia nor God the Son.

So When There is no verse for HOLY,  that makes it unholy.

HOLY Know Doubt Is [God’s Penmans Writings] [God/Holy_One/holy_one][G-d/names_of_g-d].

[LINKs] Are Underlined or in [ ] Or Both


(2) open Where.htm Where--Where Were the Nicene Council Members When God Was Creating Things? Details in Where.htm


(3) Why is it necessary to keep revising the Nicene-Creeds Century after Century?

If the Nicene-Creeds came from GOD they would never need updating-open- 0A6.htm is shorter then Trinity Revisional Update1.htm and See

Intentional Fallacy. GOD’s work is perfect and man has no right to add (See Add-ons) their imaginary mental concepts to what his substance is.

That is insulting to GOD to add to his perfect Word work.(See Rule) and (Imitate Rule). Jesus had to be as real as YOU or I to redeem us from sin and

be Adam’s equal, meaning a created human just as Abraham’s first son was. =Abraham’s+first+son+was+an+example+sacrifice+about+Jesus

Open =First+Adam+second+Adam+Jesus  More on this below plus more Facts. =God+Perfect+Rock


(4) Who is Jesus According to His Own Testimony Of Himself (Also see Jesus.htm)

Jesus ask his disciples- He said to them, " Who do you say that I AM ?”.Answer in Matt 16-13-17.htm

 Verse 16:15 Parallel Transtions << Matthew 16:14 >> John-20-28.htm


Sbt gives you access to both Main With and Without Verses--

(5) 58.htm The Real Reason Why The Nicene-Creed Makers and Most Churches Believe That Jesus Is God 58.-59.htm

Image Of God In What Way?<< Genesis 1:26 >> And God said, Let us make man In our image Us Who is Us?

Is Us a Trinity or the Real Jesus [Image Of God In What Way].htm


Philippians 2:6 Jesus Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with GOD something to be used to his own advantage;

Note--Some Bibles purposely render this verse differently to make Jesus equal to his GOD Compare Open

Most new Bibles are getting better about restoring verses to their original purpose that God had it inspired Open Bible Words Changed.htm

Some have been taught that GOD can do anything and he made himself Jesus and was GOD the Father in Heaven at the same but that don’t get it because GOD

Sent Jesus and Jesus came of His own free-will and pre-existed as a separate being before coming R/in Pre Existence Of Christ and Jesus’ Beginnings.

and Denying Jesus Life Is Denying Jesus--Plus Jesus Died and His GOD and Father resurrected Him-Open-The EVIL Side OF The TRINITY.htm

soul for a soul.’—Ex 21:23-25; De 19:21.redeption doctrine Open soul+for+a+soul.’—Ex+21:23-25;+De+19:21.redeption+doctrine

Open Open Add Your Comment.


There are clear differences between mental perceptions and physical things. Heb1-3.htm

One Example in Oneness.htm --Is oneness in the Bible 8.htm and 5.htm

[Biblical-Theology] is different then Theology-ID Compare Homoousion To The Original Text and You Can Learn Biblical

Mythology -GentilePP

 Bottom Line in Commentary Note.htmPlus what is Valid in Biblical-Theology of GOD

Theology-in Harmony at The SBT Biblical Library.

These Verses Cover the Whole Bible Gen/1-1 to Rev 22-16-21

Without Contradictions--How?

The Bible Contradicts Itself. When does that happen? Open The Bible Contradicts Itself. 

More Facts In

                                        John 1:1 Page. Quick List in-John-1-1-Plus-The Original JOHN1onePLUS Page  

                                       NEW Movie Page Which Explains Vocally Myths & Theocratical--Lies


Mysterious TRINITY Explained Imaginary Plus More.


 Lying Websites

and False Preachers.




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Who Jesus Said To Worship. 




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