Jesus The Son Of God. These Links Cover All Questions about Jesus

Who was Jesus

When He was here on Earth and The

Pre Existence Of Christ

Now Right Hand Of God.

Plus what is the Truth about

ALPHA and The OMEGA.htm


Jesus According to His Own (Open) Testimony Of Himself ---Jesus

He [Jesus] Didnít Say a Myth will set you FreeJohn 8-31-2


Worshiping The Image Of God.

Declared Open N-C-O-W2

Nicene Council Original Writtings What Did They Say.


Jesus Worshipers Or Father Only.htm


Jesus Quotes What His Followers are to do at John/17-14


Jesus Page---Satan or Jesus--Which One Is Not Real Open [SJ]?

Compare Matt/10-40.



Pre Existence Of Christ


Proverb-8-22-MB FirstBorn.