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1-The Article is based on the proper use of the word God/god in the Greek language.

2- Jesus being as real as you and I

3-Who did Jesus say He was-- The Son of God

4--Who did Jesus’ apostles say He was-- and maybe some other subheadings.

5-Who do the Bible scholars say Jesus is

6 Who does the Bible say Jesus is

7-The divinity of Jesus is

8 Does God Make Sacrifices?





                        Here Are The Free Facts. G or g-GOD-or-godTHEOS

                                                                                     THEOS GOD.htm

At the time the New Testament was written, Greek manuscripts were written in all capital letters.

The upper and lower case letters were not blended as we do today. Thus, the distinction that we today make between

” God” and “god” could not be made, and the context became the judge in

determining to whom “THEOS” referred at the time the New Testament was written,

Greek manuscripts were written in all capital letters-

ALL Capital Letters with No separation of words ; No Punctuation Marks: No Sentences or Paragraphs –

all Letters and words Ran together from the top left corner of the page to the bottom right hand corner of the page.

For the most part the only ones that understand what they were fully reading ***Were the Priests & a Few Others***

so if no good Foot-Notes were not added at the bottom of each scroll to explain things clearly

the Priests and Earthly Kings could easily interpret to the public whatever fit their personal needs or desires.

Greek manuscripts were written in all capital letters-For Pictures of Manuscripts.

Open Papyrus 66 Picture of Manuscript Page and-Hebrew Bible

For More Details open GOD or god-AllCaps.htm John-1-1 JOHN1onePLUS What Is a god. htm Answers.com  John1:1

How to get unbiased Facts and what makes a good Bible Dictionary or Bible Encyclopedia-open HistoricalBibleFacts.htm

                                         The (Open) Coptics in 200-300 A.D.

                                             understood God’s word and translated John 1:1 as"a god" 

                                       back before the Nicene Creed appeared in 325 A.D.. 200-300 A.D.

                               Open Coptics--SahidicCopticGospelofJohn. and What Is a god. htm


                                                   John1:1#Translation Wikipedia.org/wiki

                                               Wikipedia States These Facts

Two issues need to be remembered as regards the original text. First, old Greek manuscripts of the Bible are

in capital letters only. Second, the word theos in the original text cannot grammatically have the definite article.

(Compare John-10-35-& [5] ) and has similar usage of Greek word theos (god), with and without ho (the) when describing

human rulers as "gods".From .Wiki/John_1:1#Translation.

Theos (θεός) is the Greek word for "deity, god"; see god (word), names of God.a deity, a god, God

The name God was used to represent Greek Theos, Latin Deus in Bible translations, first in the Gothic translation of the

New Testament by Ulfilas. For the etymology of deus, see *dyēus. Ulfilas—Lived ca. 310 – 383;C.E. During the 325 Nicene Creed--

(ca. 310 – 383;[2] or Latin: Ulfilas/Ulphilas), bishop, Non-Trinitarian- The Creed Of Ulfilas.htm states the one true faith,


SBT Note--The real issue here for all Serious Bible Students to know the lack of all Bible Publishers to

Print Good and Accurate Foot-Notes (Jpg. explains all) and for them to print All the above and below in some form Starting with--

Any difficulty in understanding this verse is (Has been in the past) intentionally caused by the translators and Bible Publishers

But now disclosed Accurately.--The Bible Publishers Should write that.. Open Footer Jpg..

In this case this subject should have a preface introducing John’s writings to clarify this subject about the use of the word god/God in Greek.


                                                     Example Time Is Here

god or GOD  with or Without an “a”---In Front of GOD  

and the word was God

and the word was god

and the word was Aa God

and the word was a god--From open Example1 Jn1-1.htm

                                                        Understand This

Since Bible Publishers have not disclosed the proper uses of  god or GOD is the same in Greek-you don’t know what is a god or who is Jehovah or Yahweh GOD The different ways to render-- but all are correct if followed by an accurate foot-note-(Footer Jpg.explains all)

                                                                                                        Understand This

This Explains Why New Bible Translations keep coming into existence to correct the older ones—Compare all  BestBiblesPlus.

There Is Only One Word for GOD in the Greek Language THEOS GOD   << John 1:1 >> Open GOD

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God - θεός

Lexicon with Strong’s Dictionary open God--god- θεός John 1:1 John 20:28

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was god----Without an “a” --when in lower case –as we

do today means one of God’s Spirit sons (What Is a god.htm) or a earthly son that is a lord over others.


In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not lest __ the light of the glorious gospel

of Christ who is the image of God should shine unto them scripturetext.com  2 Cor 4-4.htm


In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was god

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was a god

was god is correct because it shows the Word (god) (Jesus) was with God His God

The a god is correct because a Aa translators can add it –just as every Bible Translator/Publisher has done to

many other verses through the entire Bible open--a--Aa--0A4 and open--(Jesus) He is real and with His God and Father

For God and Father Verses open GodAndFather.htm

The last two are correct because the Word god was with God-- JehovahOrYahweh GOD or god-in Greek—No Homoousion -Theology here.

That makes  (Jesus) as real as you are. open Jesus and He is with His GOD and Father in heaven at His right hand open Jesus.htm.

From Example1Jn1-1.htm open it where is more Example1Jn1-1.htm Plus open a and Aa

The douding Thomas most likely thought of Jesus as a godly Lord

And Thomas answered and said unto him My Lord and my God  scripturetext.com/john/20-28.htm open Lord

Definition Strong’s N0. 2962. kurios (koo'-ree-os) God, Lord, master, Sir κύριε κύριοι κυρίοις κύριον κύριος κυρίου κυρίῳ κυρίων

From kuros (supremacy); supreme in authority, i.e. (as noun) controller; by implication, Master (as a respectful title) -- God, Lord, master, Sir.

This verse should read this way.

And Thomas answered and said unto him My Lord and my godopen Commentary John-20-28.htm

god because  Jesus ask his disciples-earilierHe said to them, Verse Matt-16:15"But who do you say that I AM ?”.

open- Matt-16-13-17.htm

.Who did Jesus say He Was and is open-Jesus. open- Matt-16-13-17.htm

John 1.1----the Word was God  Contradicts the Word being with God----Someone (with life in himself-John  5:26 3:34 ) can not be the same One with that One—That is not Harmony in any Language ---Therefore it is not Translated correctlly----Simple Rule. of Harmony. You can Correct the Out of Harmony Verse By Bringing it back into the Flock Like a Good Shepherd.-Some how that Verse got out of Harmony –In some Case  by Evil Design.

Some verses may not harmonize–Due to Subject and of Time and Place for the real Purpose of those Verses. But–John 1:1 -1-thru 18 must harmonize with Jn 3-34 -Rev -3-12-14—19-10-13 and Rev 4-11.  It is Very Clear that ---the word was God ---is not in Harmony with all the other Verses Quoted -----and therefore doesn’t fit.----Thereffore TheGWGPNC-Rule. Must be applied to the Second part of the John 1.1 Verse.

All other verses in the So-called Oneness or Trinity Proof Text --Only describe the attributes that YAHWEH Created in His First Creation—and 1-Tim 3-16 and 1-John 5-7 have been Tagged as not supported earlier then the eight or nine century as it is rendered in the KJV and Some others.A Clear Case by Evil Design. IntentionalFallacy. Remember also that None of the Original Writings have been Found—But we have enough (Good Copies) to work with to get the TRUTH.Open 1Tim 3:16.htm

From Example1 Jn1-1.htm

God’s Word is Great and Perfect and

Can Not be Contradictive

A Simple Rule of Harmony.

The-GwGpnc Open Rule.htm and Biblical-LOGISTICS

a deity; a God, a god(-ly, -ward).open gods and of God   θεοῦ  θεοὺς  g or G ---Bible Publishers Discretion GODorgod

Most of the time they render it right---But rather rightway or wrong  they have not Informed the readers in Foot-Note

how the word god/God can be used---This is IntentionalFallacy.htm- of their own Theology  Discretion

For Part 2 of Wikipedia Open Index-Jn-1-1-Part-2-Wikipedia.htm

Conclusion--Jesus is as real as you are and He talke so open Jesus-

Conclusion  the testimony of God is greater men

5:9 - [In Context|Original Greek]

If R240 we receive the testimony of men,

5 And now O Father glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was-- john/17.htm

Jesus was the Almighty God’s firstborn

The Testimony of God VS the testimony of men

Open  TrinityReferenceLibrary2.htm TrinityReferenceLibrary2plus.htm

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