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                  Bibles: Why so many different Translations have been created down through

                  the years especially since the invent of the printing press?--SBT has the Facts.

 Bible translations into English - Wikipedia, the free ... - Similarto Bible translations into English - Wikipedia, the free ...

More than 450 versions have been created over time. ... The English Bible was first translated from the Latin Vulgate into Old English by a few select monks and ...


                              450 English versions have been created over time.

This means every Bible created has tried to eliminate errors and contradictions that

the Bible seems to have or we would only have One Bible Translation.

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That pages explains the how difficult it is to translate the original hand written manuscripts to the English Language to get it in harmony to what GOD wants Us to know. GOD doesn’t want things to be explained using the word “Mystery”.

GOD Has a orderly method of doing anything. He doesn’t cause mysteries like the Trinity.  

First there is GOD and He caused things to become. That what is Name means.

He Causes to Become See Jehovah Or Yahweh[1][2][3] Any other explanation to that is False. We have False gods misleading us

And Satan is the leader of all the demons. He has fooled them into believing that GOD guiding Humans and Angels is

Depriving them of FREE-WILL. Satan can fool us but He can not be fooled--See Satans ID.htm.    

We can only believe what we can see and we can not see God as a 3 in 1 GOD and Satan knows that.

So He invented that for us to fool us.  But Christendom believes it.

Expecting us to believe words and groups of words, expressions and phases that are not in The Bible--See Lies and Life.htm




Bible translations into English - Wikipedia, the free ...

The Bible in English

·                                 Old English (pre-1066)

·                                 Middle English (1066–1500)

·                                 Early Modern English (1500–1800)

·                                 Modern Christian (1800–)

·                                 Modern Jewish (1853–)

·                                 Miscellaneous


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