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God Did Not Sacrifice Himself to Himself

Jn 1:1-and the word was God with a Capital G as represented by

the T/O Bible Publishes Can absolutely not be the right way to

translate that verse –Unless you believe Sacrifice Himself to Himself

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References GOD or god

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Where Were the Nicene Council Members

When God Was Creating Things?

To say that Jesus and His God are of the Same

Essence or Substance.

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That’s arrogant  and totally ridiculously (absurd)

Man did not create them---- Jesus and His God.

So How Can They Explain Their Physical or Spiritual Make Up.

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 It is ridiculous to say, or to imply or suggest that The Almighty God

 JehovahOrYahweh Has ever made a Sacrifice.

Only His created beings ---Sacrifice to Him

Although Jesus never sinned He gave Himself as the Lamb Willfully

And there are many verses stating that Jesus is a created being before

 coming to earth

Prov 8-22 




<< Revelation 3:11 >> 

read 11 to 14


And Jesus did ID Himself as such---

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and Heb 13:8.Matt 28:18.John/17-5.htm Col/1-15.htm

 << Revelation 3:11 >> With Strong’s Numbers.

And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write

These things saith the Amen the faithful and true. witness 

the beginning of the creation of God 



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Also the T/O ‘s Misrepresent the Word Eternal and Eternity--

Which Has Two Absolute Meanings

From a starting point into eternity

And Eternal without a starting point

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