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When is it Proper to Print a Capital G or a small g God, god, or a god, or something else R/in GOD or god Page


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The Word Became Flesh[1][14]

John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word{gr} was with God, and the Word was God / or god.

The Most popular question is*

John 1:1* God” and “god” is involved. Capital G “God” or lower case g “god”— God or god-what is right.

There Is Only One Word for God in the Greek Language THEOS GOD-or-god, Capital G, or Small g,

         It Makes No Difference to the Greeks.  Links Are Underlined or [ ]

Fact (1) when John 1:1 is compared with John 1-14 and 1-18, John 1:1 becomes a mystery verse. This is caused of the Translators and Bible Publishers-3-Theologies [M1][R]

John 1:1. Any Difficulty in Understanding John 1:1 is Intentionally Caused by the Translators and Bible Publishers Why? [M1] is Mysteries.htm

When it is it proper to print THE Capital G “God” or lower case g “god”? The Main Answer Is.   

The History of How the Holy Scriptures was Originally Written.

At the time the New Testament was written, Greek manuscripts were written in all capital letters, no separation of words, no sentences,

no punctuations marks. The upper and lower case letters were not blended as we do today. Thus, the distinction that we today make between

God” and “god” could not be made, and the Context became the judge in determining to whom “THEOS” referred at the time the New Testament

was written, Greek manuscripts were written in all capital letters. The study of biblical manuscripts is very important for Salvation, because

Handwritten copies of books can contain errors[C]. Today most of the errors have been corrected. But about 5% have not been corrected because of biased

Theology.The science of Open textual criticism attempts to reconstruct the original text of books, especially those published prior to the invention of the

Printing Press  Open Printing Press History Plus  Open All Capital Letters That page has licks to click on that YOU can see copies of Originally Greek manuscripts.  This GROUP also shows manuscript in All Capital Letters.


Plus when it is it proper to print an a in front of a word? Open a Verses                               

John 1:1 can not be solved by those who claim they know all the Greek to Translate Greek to English rules. That is why this page was created.

 Open Grammatical Analysis- Open- Compare Open  wiki/John_1:1#Grammar


Repeat Plus More, John 1:1. Any Difficulty in Understanding John 1:1 is Intentionally Caused by the Translators and Bible Publishers Why?

Check out a Verses for the answer--a Verses explain The Three Worst Bible Printed Mistakes Are. All involve God or god.

Plus why all Bible Publishes put an a before many words at their own Discretion

to describe a subjects. a god, or God—to Greeks it makes No Difference. 


So Then, Jesus became flesh is right.

The Image of GOD Became Flesh and He described Himself as GOD’s Word.

So what does that mean? All Bibles Scholars agree The Word Became Flesh.htm

And then most of them strip Jesus of His Birthday the same as the Nicene Creeds did.


WHO’S Lying Jesus And The Holy Spirit Or The Nicene Creeds.htm Notice in all the Nicene Creed

meetings John 1:1 is never mentioned. That came later when the Bible was made into Chapters and verses. R/in All Capital Letters. Video


More about that in The Word Became Flesh and Biased Publishers that don’t even print a courtesy foot-not to why

They print God, or god, or a God, or a god, or something else –today that is called Intentional fallacy.

Continue on the Open The Word Became Flesh or The Word was God the Son

Or Godlike theos: God, a god--elohiym.html --el.html Alternative to Open Mysticism++youtube&form=APPCS1

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We Can***Examine***Everything Ourselves

Open 2 Tim 3:17- 3:16-- -->Imitate.htm

Says BCC open Commentary on Matt 16:24-open BCC Matt 16:25. 16:26.

Similar Misleading Words are used by all Trinitarian/Oneness Commentaries Example in Matthew Henry's Commentary + more-

Open 21.htm and 22.htm For a list of Trinitarian/Oneness Commentaries Open Commentaries and PlusOthers.htm


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