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Now That We Are In The  CommunicationsAge.htm We Can***Examine***Everything Ourselves

With The Expository Library Biblical  LOG-20.htm John 1:1. Truths Any difficulty in understanding this verse is intentionally caused by the translators and Bible Publishers--Why? To Start getting Why Open each Blue link (1) is GOD or god.htm

Scroll down to each number for all the other good links and Commentary. John-1-1a-Introduction.

(1)   open GOD or god.htm in Jn 1:1 when Bible Publishers should print a Capital G or a small g AllCaps

AllCapsFor More details Scroll down to (3) in the center column.

(2)   JOHN-3-16.htm  Begotten Is No Longer In Many New BiblesWhy? Bibles C-Check John/3-16pt-BBP BTT

(3)   Is Jesus real to You? Open Jesus--A-Fact.htm--Com  Age. More details Scroll down to (3)

(4)   Theology in Harmony at The SBT BiblicalTheology Library

(5)   Jesus IDS Himself contrary to Homoousion  Theology. open Jesus-&-Divinity Defined.

The Bible Contradicts Itselfwhen does that happen? R/in  1d. (6) Many Bible Publishers Translated- a-god or a-God---Long Before Colwells Birth-John 1:1a & a Rules-Colwell's Rule open N0  5  The-GwGpnc Rule.htm and The Imitate Rule About SBTS Commentary Notes--open 65.htm

(7) 70-John-1-1-Truths.htm Jn 1:1 Bibles that reads a  god, aA. God, Like God,

Or the Like-Rather then the Word was God BeDuhns-Jn-1-1-List-6.htm- John-1-1-GodWithGod.htm

Wikipedia Encyclopedia explains --Divinity --about -- Wiki Divinity. compare-- god, -- God,

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