John 1:1 Updates Plus.We Now have 70 Non-trinitarian-Translations-of-John-1:1 Bibles that reads a god, a God, like God, Godlike, divine or the like Rather then the Word was GOD--Verified with reliable Linked references-Open 70-John-1-1-Truths.htm--http://debatingchristianity.com3--John-1-1-introduction--John1-1-All-Art.  John1.1 Any difficulty in understanding this verse is intentionally caused by the translatorsand Bible Publishers.

Most All Bible Publishers Do Not Even Print (Open a) Courtesy Foot –Note – At the bottom of that page About The Biblical-Theology

of GOD in Jn 1:1 (Learn) The Original Manuscripts BIG G or small g-Who Are They? and What Does It Mean In Biblical-Theology

Capital G-God or Small lower case g –god –Who Started-That?  and When? and Why? GODorgod.htm

John 1.1 Got online In 2005 and has been read MORE THEN ANY OTHER Page Now the N0.1 page is IFCS

which is IntroductionForConcernedStudents.htm. It has a small list of words that has crept into most Bibles that were

not in the original manuscript writings. These words are the Main cause of Bad Doctrines   Ecclesiastical laws.Canonlaw Decretal

Some Say The Truth Hurts or Hurts There Cause.

Here is a List of Historical Bibles that The Oneness and Tri-ist Ignore. GODorgod


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