John10-30A one: Or “at unity.” Jesus’ comment

Here shows that The and his Father are unified

In protecting sheep like ones and leading them to

everlasting life. Such shepherding is a joint task

of the Father and the Son. They are equally

Concerned about the sheep, not allowing anyone to snatch

Them out of their hand. (Joh 10:27-29; compare 

Eze 34:23, 24.) In John’s Gospel, the unity in fellowship,

will, and purpose between the Father and the Son is often

mentioned. The Greek word here rendered “one” is, not in

the masculine gender (denoting “one person”), but in the

neuter gender (denoting “one thing”), supporting the thought

that Jesus and his Father are “one” in action and cooperation,

not in person. (Joh 5:19; 14:9, 23) That Jesus referred,

not to an equality of godship, but to a oneness of purpose

and action is confirmed by comparing the words recorded

here with his prayer recorded in John chapter 17.

(Joh 10:25-29; 17:2, 9-11) This is especially evident when

he prays that his followers “may be one just as we are one.”

(Joh 17:11) So the kind of oneness referred to in chapter 10

as well as in chapter 17 would be the same.​—

See study notes on Joh 17:11, 21; 1Co 3:8.

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