Where is so much to say about what God accepts about Worship Jn4:24&Matt4-10.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman. Jesus said we worship what we know.

Jesus is part of the we that worships His creator, God the Father.  

God never changes but man has corrupted his word but some

Like SBT are digging back to the beginning to restore it-

Read 5 and 6 biblehub.com/Malachi/3-5.  Malachi 3:5 

We need Restorationism and Nontrinitarianism - Wikipedia

John 4:24 God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship him must 

[Open worship Greek 4352 proskynéō] [him] in spirit and in truth.  

From kjvs/john/4.htm  Matt4-10. [Long before the NT was written, 

2316 (theós) referred to the Supreme Being who owns and sustains all things.]

God Never Changes  Malachi 3:5 Click On Arrow 

The Word must Leaves No Room for Mental Imaginary Concepts of The Godhead.

Can True Christians Worship God in Their Own Way. But-

Christendom Does. It Worships the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit- Open N-C-O-W2.

Christendom uses Bibles that renders several verses wrong to support this Doctrine

Bible Publishers print word that their own discretion see a Verses. Now


Honor the Son, Jehovah’s Chief Agent

Baptism Has Been Altered Open Matt-Baptism-28-19-ReDo.


Why do People Continue to Produce New Bible Translations?



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