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KNOCKING Update February 2009

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In this issue:


-- Plays the Vatican

-- In Schools

-- Re-Runs

-- On DVD



News reports have said that Pope Benedict has a cousin in Australia who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Perhaps the Pope wanted to know more about his cousin’s religion. KNOCKING was recently broadcast in Italy, Italian-speaking Switzerland, Monaco and – Vatican City! No word yet from Vatican residents on how much they liked KNOCKING.

In addition to Italy, KNOCKING has been broadcast in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Greece, Israel and the United States.

The DVD of the film is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Video clips of KNOCKING have been seen in nearly 600 middle schools, high schools and community colleges across the United States this past school year. PBS and the Independent Television Service selected KNOCKING to be part of the “Community Classroom” series that distributes free video clips from the film to schools along with lesson plans. KNOCKING was used to help students learn about tolerance through the experiences Jehovah’s Witnesses faced in Nazi Germany, before the U.S. Supreme Court in winning rights to minister door-to-door, and in hospitals while seeking medical alternatives to blood transfusions.


Here’s what some educators had to say about KNOCKING:

"A wonderful tool to spark discussion in my classroom."

"An untold story.  Most of my students had never known about this history." 

"We loved working with the educational material and it prompted us to get our own copy of the DVD to see the full film.."

(The Community Classroom program only uses a few scenes from KNOCKING to illustrate the lesson plans. Students do not view the film in its entirety)

If you would like your local middle school, high school or community college to use KNOCKING in the free Community Classroom program, please send an email to:

Be sure to put “Community Classroom: KNOCKING” in the subject heading and provide your name, contact info, city and school.



A PBS station in the Washington, DC area recently re-broadcast KNOCKING. All of the 360 PBS affiliate stations across the United States are independently operated and can re-broadcast PBS documentaries at their discretion. If you would like another broadcast in your area (or if it was shown at an inconvenient hour the first time around), please contact your local PBS station and request it. You may find the contact info for your local station at this link:



Please tell a friend about KNOCKING on DVD. See the full director’s cut of the film (longer than what was broadcast on PBS) along with 3 hours of extra video material and a 48-page accompanying study guide.

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Closed Captioned in English. Subtitled in Spanish and Portuguese.

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