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Why do you not translate the Divine Name as Jehovah or Yahweh in the NET Bible?

of a number of requests we have received regarding the translation of YHWH as “LORD” which appears in some of the documents. The current alternative we are considering is Yahweh. “Jehovah” is a form resulting from ... English translators to use “LORD” in all capitals for the Name, and that usage has now become accepted ...

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An Argument of the Book of Lamentations

from the Vantage Points of Yahweh and the Prophet (Jeremiah): The Lord describes the desolation ... , but hopeful cry for help. Yahweh is sovereign! A--Thou, O Lord, dost rule for ever; K--Thy throne ... , but throughout the descriptions are repeated calls for Yahweh to deliver them 1:1-22 A. The Prophet ...

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Jehovah's Witnesses: Witnessing to the Witnesses

. The term “Jehovah” is actually a false reading of the Hebrew pronunciation of God, or YAHWEH. Allow me ... ’s Collegiate Dictionary : “Jehovah” -- False reading of the Hebrew YAHHWEH. 8 Encyclopedia ... is the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Today they have a worldwide organization that numbers about 3.5 million members ...

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Jehovah's Witnesses and the Trinity

The Trinity In another essay (Jehovah’s Witnesses: Witnessing to the Witnesses) I discussed effective evangelistic strategies when sharing the faith with Jehovah’s Witnesses. We covered some effective techniques such as the Witnesses’ record of false prophecy, the name “Jehovah”, the bodily ...

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Chapter Three What Is A Prophet?

, but is found in our English Bibles either as Jehovah or more often as Lord. In the passage just quoted we find ... , the Lord (Jehovah) your God . Pagan nations had degraded the meaning of the word God (Elohim) to include ... ” and “ in the character of the Lord .” Thus a prophet who spoke in the name of Jehovah was speaking by the authority ...

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Chapter 5 Yahweh: God of Israel, God of Heaven and Earth

. Throughout the narrative Ezra deliberately exposes Yahweh’s behind-the-scenes involvement in the affairs of His people in order to highlight Yahweh’s immanence and to provide his fifth century audience ... ’s account of the initiation of the Temple reconstruction begins with Yahweh prompting Cyrus to action ...

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The Major Prophets

of God, messengers, and servants of the Lord. Unger writes: According to I Samuel 9:9 the prophet ... formula used by the prophets was, “Thus says the Lord.” As God’s spokesman, their message can be seen ... would indicate that the prophet had not spoken the word of Yahweh (cf. Deut. 18:20-22). In 1 Samuel ...

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Psalm 19

of God. He mentions the law, the testimony of the Lord, the precepts, commandments, fear of the lord and the judgments of the lord. The Law of the Lord (7a) When he says “the law of the Lord” he may ... to destroy them. The Testimony of the Lord (7b) Making wise the simple means it gives man a solid ...

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Starting Over: Cultic Christianity-Reinventing the Faith

(Jehovah, the Lord). The Bible even says that Yahweh is Elohim, and that there is only one God (e ... disputed. The Son, Jesus Christ, is also called God, and identified as the Lord (Yahweh) of the Old ... . Examples of such cults include the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), the Jehovah’s ...

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A Follower’s Messiah - Mark 2:1-3:6

desire that Maximus succeed him as “Protector of Rome” instead of the Emperor’s evil son, Commodus ... . He Is the Lord of Forgiveness (2:1-12) 8 2:1 Now after some days, when he ... they were forgiven. Then who is Jesus? “Who does this guy think he is?” He is the Lord of Forgiveness ...

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