AndMore2020. Better The Last Days (updated 3/7/2020)

The Bible (‎22 occurrences)

Most Bible Scholars agree that the Bible contains future events

And they will be revealed to God’s true Servants doing His will in His due

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But Because of Christendom --Adds-on Plenty of Imaginary Conceptual

Doctrines that will cost them their Salvation


No Salvation For Bad Creed Teachers.


Dont Mess With GODs Words.  


Pre Existence Of Christ. Compare The  Firstborn

The Bible​—A Book of Accurate Prophecy, Part 6:

The Last Days”Awake!, 10/2012

rsg19 pp. 26-60 - Research Guide—2019

(updated 3/1/2020)

The Problem with Setting Bible Historical Dates

(updated 2/6/2020)

The Importance of Being the Firstborn
(updated 2/16/2020)



Keep Busy During the Last of “the Last Days (‎22 occurrences)

Keep Busy During the Last of “the Last Days

w19 October pp. 8-13 - The Watchtower (Study)—2019

“Let Your Kingdom Come”—But When? (‎12 occurrences)

11. Why do many people not realize that things are getting worse?

11 The apostle Peter accurately said: “In the last days ridiculers

will come with their ridicule, proceeding according to their

own desires and saying: ‘Where is this promised presence of his?

ws14 1/15 pp. 26-31 - The Watchtower (Simplified)—2014


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