Lie--If You Believe A Lie You Will Die--If You Believe a Lie You will Positively Die Satan a person who can’t

be fooled. (Full article in IsJesusRealToYouPart2.htm)

But You can be fooled into imitating and Promoting His Lies!!!!!

Compare 2 Cor 11-14-15 !!! Rev 21-8

The Proof has been accorded For us at 2 Thessalonians 2 8-12 Click here [Context] OPEN [Commentary]

Or Read Below Compare 2001 Trans---

8 Then the lawless one will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will do away with him by the breath from his mouth and bring him to nothing, when he’s near.

9 However, the Opposer brings [the lawless one] close to those who are destroying themselves through his powers of lying signs, omens, 10 and every sort of unrighteous deception. [They chose this] instead of the love of the truth, which would save them. 11 So, that’s what God is sending to them instead. He’s allowing this wrong thing to be, so they can believe the lie… 12 and so that all those who don’t believe the truth (but prefer unrighteousness) may be judged.Open


First of All

Jesus Is In Heaven When He Did This Transmitting To John through an Angel.--So He Identifies Himself as a

Real Separate Spirit Person. In The Very First Verse of Revelations--Jesus (Who) Received The Revelation From His God and Father

Prov8-22.htm Study (TestimonyOfJesus.htm) Rev 1.1-So Whatever Explanation You Get from Anyone It

Must harmonize with who Jesus Says He is in Verse One— of Rev 1:1

Satan is the Father of Continues Lies—Eve Believed Satan’s Lie and She Died

The Same goes for us if we don’t believe the Truth--Today!!!—

We have lost our opportunity For Eternal Life—Open  BiblesTwoTypes.htm

If You Believe a Lie You will Positively Die—as did Adam and Eve—Gen 3-3-4;19

Satan is a Hebrew word meaning, opposer, resistor, a smart SPIRIT person who does things to serve his own interests,

and/or a person who can’t be fooled. It was applied to the Evil One because of his opposition to God. To prevent people

from thinking of it as a name it is translated as ‘the Opposer’ herein.—2001—Translation  Open--SatansID.htm

100% Proof Jesus is not God! The temptation of Jesus Plus More Original Truth and many links

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