Ligh tand Life n Coptic John

Jesus is the Light of the world.  Therefore, his words are also light, the light which engenders new life in each believer.  Active faith in Christ removes the darkness of the world.

Those who love God want to be His children.  Therefore, they do works in imitation of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, works that prove them to be related to God.   This personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, illuminates the way to eternal life.

Light and Life in Coptic John

The theme of light and its importance to life, began at John 1:4, 5, 9, continues throughout this Gospel.  Light and truth are connected with the new life the believer enjoys in God. Below are some recurrences of this theme in the Sahidic Coptic text of John, followed by new English translations of the text.

John 8:12

12.iycouc [e on aFSaJe nmmau eFJw mmos Je anok pe pouoein mpkocmoc petnaouaHF ncwei nFnamooSe an Hm pkake alla FnaJi mpouoein mpwnH.

Then Jesus spoke again to them saying, "I am the light of the world.  Whoever will follow after me will not walk in  the darkness, but will possess the light of life."

John 3:19-21