Luke-21-24: Until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. Knowing all the following

helps us to know the time for Jesus’ second coming could be any time now.

Until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. These few words carry on the prophecy past our

own time (how far past?) - carry it on close to the days of the end. "The times of the Gentiles"

 signify the whole period or epoch which must elapse between the destruction of Jerusalem

 and the temple, and the beginning of the times of the end when the Lord will return.

In other words, these "times of the Gentiles" denote the period during which they - the Gentiles

hold the Church of God in place of the Jews, deposal from that position of favor and honor.

These words separate the prophecy of Jesus which belongs solely to the ruin of the cry

and temple from the eschatological portion of the same prophecy. Hitherto the Lord's words

referred solely to the fall of Jerusalem and the ruin of the Jewish race. Now begins a short

prophetic description of the end and of the coming of the Son of man in glory.

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Read Luke-21:24 to 38.

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Luke-2124 They’ll either be cut down by swords or be carried to the nations as

captives. Then JeruSalem will be trampled by the gentiles until 

the times of the nations are filled.

25 ‘At that time, there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And on the earth,

the nations will all be in distress, for they’ll be confused by the roaring and the

rolling surges of the seas. 

26 Then men’s hearts will become weak with fear in

expectation of the things that will be coming upon the habitation of mankind,

as [they see] the powers in the heavens being shaken. 

27 And that’s when they’ll see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with great

power and glory.

28 ‘But as [you see] these things start to happen, you should stand erect and raise

your heads high, for you’ll know that your time of deliverance has drawn near!’

29 Then he gave them this parable: 
‘Consider the figs and all other trees; 
30 For, when they start putting out buds,
You know that summer is near.

31 ‘Thus, when you see all these things start to happen, you should know that

 the Kingdom of God has drawn near.

32 ‘I tell you the truth; This generation will not pass away

 until all these things have been fulfilled…

(Theory 4: 2,520 Years 

Significance of 120 Years)

33 though the lands and the skies may all pass away, my words will not pass away!

34 ‘So, pay attention to yourselves, and don’t let your hearts become overburdened

no, don’t allow the worries of life to make your hearts reel, and then get drunk,

so that day doesn’t sneak up on you. 

35 For it will arrive like a snare upon all those who are sitting on the face of the earth.

36 ‘Therefore, you must keep watch in every season and keep praying that you’ll

have the strength to escape all these things that will happen, and that you can stand

before the Son of Man.

37 Well, [Jesus] taught in the Temple during the daytime, and every night he

 would go and camp on the hill called The Mount of Olives. 

38 So, all the people would come to the Temple early

 each morning to listen to him.

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"The times of the Gentiles to the times of the nations

The Problem With Setting Bible Historical Dates.

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