More In The Index            What Has The Trinity Done For Christians-[1]

                      Many People are Still Debating The Trinity Doctrine So We have Both (For) and (Against) for YOU.

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                                                                 Is The Trinity Holy or Not?

                                                                    First Up To Compare Is


Although the words "holy trinity" are not found in the Bible, The Bible both Old and New Testiment Insinuates (Refers) To It---Details R/in

                Evidence To Believe From--



                                                                   (Against)[1][2] Compare                                                           

Evidence Not To Believe--Can Man make up things and claim they are Holy?

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                         The Baptisim Formula Is Bogus See Definition [1] for Bogus  

        There Are No Verses from Acts Onward That Any Apostle or Any First Century Disciples Baptized Anyone in

                   The Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit In Matt-28-19.

                                                                    See Facts About [1]

                                    The Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit

                        There is no cross reference for Matt 28:19. Open Matt-28-19-S. And

Web Results matt+28+19+spurious. fraudulent, pseudo, fake, phony. Constantine Wrote Matthew 28:19 Into Your Bible!


                If YOU were not Baptized in Jesus’ Name Only YOU were not Baptized the way the first Christians did it-

                                                                           See For Baptism Verses Open Matt-28-19-S.

                                                                          Important Note

                     When man changes what the Apostles or Any First Century Disciples did that invalidates Gods Word.

               Meaning Jesus’ Name Only or YOUR Baptism is of no value.More about Spurious Verses and Other vital Verses.

                                                                           Compare Open 1Tim316.htm 1 JOHN 5:7b-8a

View Main Topics. Plus See The Three Worst Mistakes In All Bibles Are. And Godhead FREE-WILL Is First Up in Main Topics.

Is The Trinity Holy or Not? Add YOUR Comments--Write the

Plus Religious Lies Open The Truth WILL Set YOU Free

Son Of God Not God The Son---Jesus Gave His God and Father The Credit For What He Did. There Was No Dual Nature!!! He was fully Human!!!

What Jesus Did It Came From His God and FATHER. Open H and Jesus+always+gave .

There Is Nothing Holy About The Trinity. It Is Only a Mental Imaginary Concept of The Godhead It Is One Lie After Another--Open Lies.htm

Baptism See Commentary For Full History of Baptism Open Baptism

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Comments that have come in about the Trinity Open T1a.htm

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