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 God Is One Only. God YeHoWaH 

He Causes To Become Anything He Wants.

Not Even Jesus Can Do That Without His

GOD’s Help.

ABOUT Jesus Imitate-Him.  

The Real Jesus Is the most Important

Subject Today. YOUR Salvation

Depends On It For Eternal Life Knowing

Accurately That Jesus Is the Son of

GOD and not the Imaginary DOCTRINE

[God The Son] Preached

By Christendom’s

Earthly Ministers


The Following LINKS and Get The Facts

John17-3-5 --The FREE-WILL Page

Explains That YOU have FREE-WILL to Believe Satan’s Earthly Ministers and

Satan’s Allies With Adulterated

Mental Imaginary DOCTRINAL                

Lies, and lose out or eternal Life a                  

Did Adam And Eve                                       

JOHN-3-16 Has Been Changed                    *

SEE WHAT Satan’s Ministers HAVE DONE  

The T/O People Have Removed The

Word Begotten In Many Bible

In Open JOHN-3-16 and All related

Verses To Fit The Nicene Creeds .

That Makes Jesus Have No Life

 of his own John-5-26C.

No Real Pre Existence Of Christ.

Truth is God YeHoWaH 

And Jesus Are One in Purpose

Open Oneness.

More in the JesusPage--JesusPage2.

Jesus and His God—Where

The word that made

Jesus God-Open Homoousion

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Help With Substance or Drug Addition


Medical Science with Bible Scriptural Counsel.  Help Website 

For Christians and All That are 

Dealing with Substance or Drug Additions.

Anxiety. We live in a World of Anxieties 

That Leads many people to try drugs

And alcohol to ease the pain of Life.

Open Anxieties for more.

NWT-Bible [Matt 6/33/34] Reads 33 

Keep on then, seeking* first the kingdom and his righteousness,

+ and all these [other] things

will be added to YOU.+ 

34 So, never be anxious about the next

day,+ for the next day will have its Own Anxieties Sufficient for each

 day is its own badness

 P/Matt/6:32 >>Plus


and learn how to get help.

Mental Health Scriptures Plus.htm


Help With How Christians

 Should Deal with Money Problems

Many Christians need help world wide

and True Christians know that God

is impartial and doesn’t send money

 down from Heaven. Nor did He invent

or originate the money system.

But He does provide the means to

 obtain what are daily needs are. Is Not .org Test Their Mental Imaginary Truth DOCTRINES 

With The[MPIMovie Page and with all That is Written In

The SBT Pages.STATEMENTsAboutManyChurchesBeliefsUpdated.htm

Open Unadulterated God Theology Truth

 SBT Is not Bias. Gives YOU the Facts from both sides of any subjects 

3 Christ/God-Theologies--Plus Others

Watch Open Rev12.9/watch. It Is Highly Recommended

It Is About Counterfeit Christianity: Exposing The Satanic System (HD) 0ver 4,000Years of Biblical History in a 28 minute Video Rev12.9/watch

More Moves on This Subject and other important Topics in


Movie Page Info and the Movie Page Trindirty.   

Why Question Religion? Answer Is. To get Salvation Acts-2-21 and R/10-13 

Test Yourself, Examine yourself 2Cor/13-5. 

·        Readers Participation on Bible Translations and Versions

·        ***Who Is Holy?***What Is Holy?***7 Questions + 1***

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·         ***The So-Called Divine Right Of Kings*** Foot Notes***                       *

·         Note This: Keep this in mind when answering; Anyone Who adds to

·         Gods Word or takes away

·          from it loses their part of the tree of life Rev22-16-21* 

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1 What Right Did King James or Anyone Have to Put Their Personal Name on a Bible? King James Made His Own Bible and Put His Name On it, and so have others--like JW’s [33]—Put, JW’s Bible Reads The Holy Scriptures, Not The C.T. Russell-Bible

What Is Better and Who Has/or Had God’s Approval to do so?

2 Can Man Say What they have done is Holy and Inspired or was that only for God’s Men who wrote the Bible for God?

3 How Many Bibles Do not have a Man’s Name on them? 

4 What is the Difference Between a Bible Translation and a Version?

5 Jesus Is the Son of God or God the Son?

6 The last days started when Jesus when to heaven or before, or after all the books of the Bible was complete or some other time?

7 Do have to believe the Nicene Creeds (Trinity) to gain Salvation? 

And (8) Question has been Requested to be added—

What Could God/god Have done differently with, Satan, Adam and Eve. E-Mail US

Another Question has came in

Are YOU blessed because where you are BORN?

Other Related Facts That Christendom Hides from YOU About John 1:1 

GOD or god  

SBT[20] Says For Nothing is Hidden That Will Not Become Evident, Nor Anything Secret”-Luke8/17-M-Comentaries[20]  



(1) The Word was GOD (2)ThWord was god—small g OR 

(3) ThWord was god//small g +a= a god; See Open a Verses.

Ope70-John-1-1-Truths Three Worst Bible Mistakes

Are In  (1) Isaiah 9:6 (2) John 1:1 and (3) John 20:28   

Open--Three Worst Bible Mistakes—For Details.

***We Must Prove What is acceptable to GOD***

Eph/5-10John 4-24-***Salvation Depends On It.***

Test Yourself, Examine yourself   2Cor/13-5. 

Examine all Scripture it see if they have been Translated Accurately

Open Best Bibles Plus [Bible Words Changed Note] Bible Words Changed


AK]Stands For "ACCURATE" KNOWLEDGE ’’ and 35/item-

-1 Timothy 2:4-6

HOW IMPORTANT IS "ACCURATE" KNOWLEDGE: IT IS A MUST FOR YOUR Salvation Depends On It [J4/24] [J17/3] Compare It Is Gods Will that

all sorts of men+ should be saved+ and come to an accurate knowledge+ of truth +.5  For there is one Godand one mediator+ between God+ and men+, a man, Christ Jesus,+ who gave himself a corresponding ransom* for all +[+]+ Compare- Belief in God is Concerned,

Accurate [Bible] Knowledge Is Essential- ACCURATE  KNOWLEDGE Article Compare These Verses Php 1:9  Col 1:9 

1Ti 2:4  2Ti 3:7  Heb 10:26 sin  Ro 1:28;  Col 3:10;  2Ti 2:25   2Pe 2:20


The Sad Truth [R] is that Christendom adds things [See Add-ons]

to GOD’s Word and takes away things –then claims them to be Holy.

See Bible Words Changed and Add-ons.

The SBT Pages Makes Bible Understanding Simple With

 Sbts Commentary Notes FREE-WILL



 E-Mail US [HP]

The Apostle Peter 

Said to Call On GOD 


Jehovah [1] English.

By His Name, 

To get Salvation

Acts-2-21 and R/10-13 

The T/O People 

Have Removed The

Word Begotten 

In JOHN-3-16 and

To Fit The  

Nicene Creeds 

More In 

Bible Word


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Worship God in

Their Own Way

Christendom Does

Facts R/in Open 

John 4-23-24plus

Imitates   Who?



God Theology

 SBT Imitates 

Jesus and All of

 Gods Penmens Writings


One Verse Occult Jn1:1.

Satans Ministers

JWs ASK This


 RELIGION? w13 7/1 pp. 1-2

Table of Contents

Why Question Religion?  3

Can You Trust Religion Regarding Money?  4

Can You Trust Religion Regarding War?  5

Can You Trust Religion Regarding Morals?  6

Is Any Religion Deserving of Trust?  7


How To Quickly ID

False Preachers [8]


Accurate Facts  Imitate 

Jesus U-Truth and All of

Gods Penmens Writings

Get baptized In

Jesus’ Name Only.

Add Your Comments 

SBT Challenges all Mental Imaginary Conceptual Doctrines[NC] AS-Truth as Taught by Christendom or anyone that don’t stick to GOD’s Word

Sola Scriptura.

SBT Says For Nothing is Hidden That Will Not Become Evident, Nor Anything Secret Luke-8-17-Bible-Commentary Plus[20]    

                               More and More People are into Watching Religious Videos or Movies.

                                     So the SBT Library is gathering up some of the best for free viewing.  Open Movie Page Info And

Myths Videos In The Movie Page  Movie Page Info Has a list of Videos Satan Hates  

                   Movie Page. Excellent Videos Exposing Satan Lies That Can Make YOU Lose YOUR Salvation. Salvation Depends On

              Satan Hates US All Especially True Believers.

              Satan’s Delights How Satan gets Paganism into Christianity. How did Pagan Symbols get into Christianity Open Satan’s Delights. 

           Videos Proving-- Exposing Satan Lies  Open Movie Page Movie Page Info  More in Videos from TORT


            Sola Scriptura--/wiki/Sola scriptura by scripture alone. That means No imaginary Homoousion for salvation

            Sola Scriptura (Latin ablative, "by scripture alone") is the doctrine that the Bible alone contains all knowledge necessary for salvation and holiness.

         SBT Is Unadulterated God Theology

         SBT Imitates  Jesus and All of Gods Penmens Writings

    This Helps Unbaptized People to want to get baptized In Jesus’ Name Only.


  None of Christendom Homoousion Unbiblical Lying

   Words to describe God In Sbt’s Commentary Notes

   That helps

  For YOUR Salvation Depends On It

  Jesus was sent by His God and Father God

  No God the Son Here—

  John-17-3-5.htm --Prov-8-22+ TWM

 Scroll Rev 3:11 >> to 14 

  Y.eH.oW.aH Jehovah [1].

  Is The God and Father of Jesus [J526C] TWM  

 SBT gives YOU access to-

 3-kinds of Christ/God-Theologies

 2 Timothy 3:16, 17

2 Questions for the Readers.

1-Do YOU Like to get--Simple or Incomprehensible Accurate Knowledge of God or god and His [Word]?

2-Who knows the Holy Scriptures the best Man or Satan? No [1] 



SO HELP US ALL  Y.eH.oW.aH in English Jehovah


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