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Open watch-NXG and Open watch Good Introduction Videos to seat the Stage on how pagan customs got emerged or blended into the Christian beliefs. More about that on The Movie Page


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It is recommended that after viewing any of these Videos or Movies that you scroll down and read some of the comments

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appear to be scriptural and it bothers YOU Take note of it and Add Your Comment, we want here from YOU.

Especially on Videos or Movies that involve Religious leaders that support what their governments are doing.


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If YOU Open other Videos or Movies at the right of the screen and YOU watch them and they seem accurate

that describes how pagan customs got emerged or blended into the Christian beliefs or,

anything YOU see that is not supported by Godís Penmans Writings

Please Share them with the 

Open Imitate for in the original truth.

The problem with most all Bible Movies is that they donít explain.

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