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N011---In The JW’s Revelations Book of 1988 (Latest print update 2006) they tell this about their history



                                                        The International Group of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ever since 1879, these (Bible Students) have been digging out from God’s Word spiritual riches that they freely share with others. But during World War I, they met up with intense hatred and opposition, partly because they did not get caught up in the war fever and partly because they were fearlessly exposing the errors of Christendom. The persecution that they received at the instigation of some of Christendom’s leaders came to a head in 1918 and was comparable to what the Christians in Smyrna received from the Jewish community there.

8 A wave of persecution in the United States of America was climaxed when the new president of the Watch Tower Society, Joseph F. Rutherford, and seven associates were sent to prison on June 22, 1918, most of them with 20-year sentences. They were released on bail nine months later. On May 14, 1919, the appeal court reversed their erroneous convictions; there were shown to be 130 errors in the trial. Roman Catholic Judge Manton, a knight of the order of St. Gregory the Great, who in 1918 had refused bail to these Christians, was sentenced later, in 1939, to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of $10,000 on six charges of soliciting and accepting bribes.

9 During Nazi rule in Germany, Hitler completely banned the preaching work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. For years, thousands of Witnesses were cruelly confined in concentration camps and prisons, where many died, while some 200 young men who refused to fight in Hitler’s army were executed. The clergy’s support of all of this is evidenced by the words of a Catholic priest, published in the newspaper The German Way of May 29, 1938. In part, he said: “There is now one country on earth where the so-called . . . Bible Students [Jehovah’s Witnesses] are forbidden. That is Germany! . . . When Adolph Hitler came to power, and the German Catholic Episcopate repeated their request, Hitler said: ‘These so-called Earnest Bible Students [Jehovah’s Witnesses] are troublemakers; . . . I consider them quacks; I do not tolerate that the German Catholics shall be besmirched in such a manner by this American Judge Rutherford; I dissolve [Jehovah’s Witnesses] in Germany.’” To this, the priest added: “Bravo!”

10 As the Lord’s day has proceeded, the Serpent and his seed have never ceased to fight against the anointed Christians and their companions. Many of these have been imprisoned and viciously persecuted. (Revelation 12:17) Those enemies have continued to ‘frame mischief by law,’ but Jehovah’s people steadfastly insist: “We must obey God as ruler rather than men.” (Psalm 94:20, King James Version; Acts 5:29) In 1954 the Watchtower magazine reported: “More than seventy countries at one time or another during the past forty years have made restrictive decrees and have persecuted Jehovah’s witnesses.” Where it has been possible to fight for religious freedom in the courts, these Christians have done so and have come through with resounding victories in a number of countries. In the United States Supreme Court alone, Jehovah’s Witnesses have won 50 victories.

11 No other group has been so conscientious in obeying Jesus’ command to pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar. (Luke 20:25; Romans 13:1, 7) Yet, no other group has had members imprisoned in so many lands under so many different forms of government, and this continues to the present time in the Americas, in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia. Jesus’ great prophecy concerning the sign of his presence included these words: “Then people will deliver you up to tribulation and will kill you, and you will be objects of hatred by all the nations on account of my name.” (Matthew 24:3, 9) This has certainly been fulfilled upon the Christian Witnesses of Jehovah during the Lord’s day.

12 To fortify God’s people against tribulation, the John class has continually reminded them of the substance of Jesus’ words to the Christians in Smyrna. For example, as Nazi persecution started, The Watchtower in 1933 and 1934 carried articles such as “Fear Them Not,” which discussed Matthew 10:26-33; “The Crucible,” based on Daniel 3:17, 18; and “Lions’ Mouths,” with Daniel 6:22 as the key text. In the 1980’s, during which decade this book was first published and Jehovah’s Witnesses suffered vicious persecution in more than 40 lands, The Watchtower fortified God’s people with articles such as “Happy Though Persecuted!” and “Christians Meet Persecution With Endurance.”

13 Truly, the Christian Witnesses of Jehovah are suffering physical persecution and other testings for a symbolic ten days. Like the Christians back in Smyrna, they have not been afraid; nor do any of us need to be afraid as troubles worsen here on earth. We are prepared to endure under sufferings and take even ‘the plundering of our belongings’ joyfully. (Hebrews 10:32-34) By studying God’s Word and making it our very own, we will be equipped to stand solid in the faith. Be assured that Jehovah can and will guard you in your integrity. “Throw all your anxiety upon him, because he cares for you.”—1 Peter 5:6-11.


About 60 years after John died, 86-year-old Polycarp was burned to death in Smyrna because he would not recant his belief in Jesus. The Martyrdom of Polycarp, a work believed to be contemporaneous with this event, states that when wood was being gathered for burning, “the Jews were extremely zealous, as is their custom, in assisting at this”—even though the execution took place on “a great Sabbath day.”

See The Watchtower of November 1, 1933; October 1 and 15, December 1 and 15, 1934; May 1, 1983.

[Study Questions]

 1. (a) What congregation next receives a message from the glorified Jesus? (b) By calling himself “the First and the Last,” of what did Jesus remind the Christians in that congregation?

 2. Why are all Christians comforted by the words of the One who “became dead and came to life again”?

 3. (a) What encouragement did Jesus give the Christians in Smyrna? (b) Though the Christians in Smyrna were poor, why did Jesus say they were “rich”?

 4. From whom did the Christians in Smyrna suffer much opposition, and how did Jesus view those opposers?

 5. What trials lay ahead for the Christians in Smyrna?

 6. (a) Why should the Christians in Smyrna not be afraid? (b) How did Jesus conclude his message to the congregation in Smyrna?

7, 8. Like the congregation in Smyrna, how was the Christian congregation “fully put to the test” in 1918?

 9. How were Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nazi Germany treated by Hitler, and with what reaction by the clergy?

10. (a) As the Lord’s day has proceeded, what persecution have Jehovah’s Witnesses faced? (b) What often resulted when Christians fought for religious freedom in the courts?

11. What prophecy of Jesus concerning the sign of his presence has been fulfilled upon Jehovah’s Witnesses during the Lord’s day?

12. How has the John class fortified God’s people against persecution?

13. Like the Christians in Smyrna, why have the Christian Witnesses of Jehovah not been afraid of persecution?

[Box/Picture on page 39]

  For many years, historians have been providing testimony regarding the integrity of the German Witnesses of Jehovah during the Nazi regime. The book Mothers in the Fatherland, by historian Claudia Koonz, published in 1986, has this to say: “The overwhelming majority of all Germans from non-Nazi backgrounds found ways of existing under a regime they despised. . . . At the other end of the statistical and ideological spectrum were the 20,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses who, practically to a person, unequivocally refused to render any form of obedience to the Nazi state. . . . The most cohesive group of resisters were sustained by religion. From the first, Jehovah’s Witnesses did not cooperate with any facet of the Nazi state. Even after the Gestapo destroyed their national headquarters in 1933 and banned the sect in 1935, they refused to do so much as say Heil Hitler.’ About half (mostly men) of all Jehovah’s Witnesses were sent to concentration camps, a thousand of them were executed, and another thousand died between 1933 and 1945. . . . Catholics and Protestants heard their clergy urge them to cooperate with Hitler. If they resisted, they did so against orders from both church and state.”

The Above Was From Chapter 8 of Their Revelations Book of 1988 (latest print update 2006) of JW’S

In 1984 JW’S Big Volume Bible is full of detailed foot-notes about now they built it (manuscript info ect.) is explained in the Preface –

at the bottom of pages and within and in the appendix pages --this was reviewed after what is written in THE SBT Page --BiblePublishersAccountableToWho.htm—to date the NWT Bible displays the best details about it’s contents that SBT has found

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  In the songbook produced by Jehovah’s people in 1905, there were twice as many songs praising Jesus as there were songs praising Jehovah God. In their 1928 songbook, the number of songs extolling Jesus was about the same as the number extolling Jehovah. But in the latest songbook of 1984, Jehovah is honored by four times as many songs as is Jesus. This is in harmony with Jesus’ own words: “The Father is greater than I am.” (John 14:28) Love for Jehovah must be preeminent, accompanied by deep love for Jesus and appreciation of his precious sacrifice and office as God’s High Priest and King.

From Chapter 7 [Box on page 36] Loving Praise to Jehovah and His Son

Jn 14:28

"You heard that I said to you, 'I go away, and I will come to you.' If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.



R1120:Matthew25:34; John17:5
R1121:John7:11; 1 John1:9
R1122:John7:29; 15:21
R1123: John 3:17; 17:3,8,18,21,23

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              Concerning WT’s date prophesying

down through the years since 1879--- This is in No 10 also   No10.htm


Their Revelations Book of 1988 (Latest print update 2006) States the following on page 9

Chapter 2

The Grand Theme of the Bible

Interpreting the Scriptures The mysteries locked up in the book of Revelation have for long baffled sincere students of the Bible. In God’s due time, those secrets had to be unlocked, but how, when, and to whom? Only God’s spirit could make known the meaning as the appointed time drew near.

(Revelation 1:3) 1:3 Those sacred secrets would be revealed to God’s zealous slaves on earth so that they would be strengthened to make known his judgments. (Matthew 13:10, 11) 13:10- 13:11  It is not claimed that the explanations in this publication are infallible. Like Joseph of old, we say: “Do not interpretations belong to God?” (Genesis 40:8) 40:8 At the same time, however, we firmly believe that the explanations set forth herein harmonize with the Bible in its entirety, showing how remarkably divine prophecy has been fulfilled in the world events of our catastrophic times.

Chapter 7 Page 33

Rekindle That First Love!

                                                                                                        Paragraph 12

12 At a historic convention, attended by 18,000 of these Christians, at Cedar Point, Ohio, U.S.A., September 5-13, 1922, the call went out: “Back to the field, O ye sons of the most high God! . . . The world must know that Jehovah is God and that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. . . . Therefore advertise, advertise, advertise, the King and his kingdom.” Jehovah’s precious name was being made more prominent. In 1931 these Christians, assembled in convention at Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., rejoiced to embrace and take the name indicated by God in Isaiah’s prophecy—Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Isaiah 43:10, 12) 43:10--43:12-Open LORD, -With its issue of March 1, 1939, the name of the organization’s principal journal was changed to The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom, thus giving primary honor to our Creator and his royal government. Jehovah’s Witnesses, with renewed love for Jehovah,

 have repented of any possible previous failure to honor and magnify his illustrious name and Kingdom.—Psalm 106:6, 47, 48. 106:6- 106:47- 106:48 




Jehovah's Witnesses are an international Christian denomination whose members

believe that their faith is the restoration of first-century Christianity.

Restorationism refers to unaffiliated religious movements that attempted to transcend Protestant denominationalism and orthodox Christian creeds to restore Christianity to its original form.

Acts 15:14

"Simeon has related how God first concerned Himself about taking from among the Gentiles a people for His name.


We cannot stop speaking about the things we have seen and heard.—Acts 4:20. 4:20

Suppose you were called to testify in court against a ruthless criminal. You know that the criminal has a powerful organization and will use every means to prevent you from exposing him. For you to bear witness against such a criminal would require courage as well as confidence that the authorities would protect you from him. We are in a similar situation. In bearing witness to Jehovah and his purposes, we testify against Satan the Devil, exposing him as a manslayer and a liar who is misleading the entire inhabited earth.

 (John 8:44 8:44 ; Rev. 12:9) 12:9

To take your stand for Jehovah and against the Devil requires both faith and courage. Jehovah is, of course, the Supreme One. His power is infinitely superior to that of Satan. We may be sure that Jehovah is not only able but also eager to protect us as we serve him loyally.—2 Chron. 16:9 16:9    . w 8/15/05 5-7

             Any weapon whatever that will be formed against you will have no success.—Isa. 54:17. 54:17

In France a few opposers have promoted laws aimed at crippling the Kingdom work. How have Jehovah’s Witnesses there reacted? They have intensified their activity in the field as never before and with thrilling results. (Jas. 4:7 4:7) Why, in just one six-month period, the number of home Bible studies increased by an amazing 33 percent in that country! It must infuriate the Devil to see honest hearted ones in France respond to the good news. (Rev. 12:17) Jehovah’s Witnesses do not enjoy being persecuted. However, in obedience to God’s command to all Christians, they cannot and will not stop speaking about the things they have heard. They endeavor to be good citizens. Where there is a conflict between God’s law and man’s law, however, they must obey God as ruler.—Acts 5:29. 5:29  w 12/15/05 15, 16


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