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·                     1History

·                     2Basic notions and objectives

·                     3Process

·                     4Eclecticism

o                                        4.1External evidence

o                                        4.2Internal evidence

o                                        4.3Canons of textual criticism

o                                        4.4Limitations of eclecticism

·                     5Stemmatics

o                                        5.1Overview

o                                        5.2Phylogenetics

o                                        5.3Limitations and criticism

·                     6Best-text editing

·                     7Copy-text editing

o                                        7.1McKerrow's concept of copy-text

o                                        7.2W. W. Greg's rationale of copy-text

o                                        7.3Greg–Bowers–Tanselle

§                                                 7.3.1Application to works of all periods

§                                                 7.3.2Uninfluenced final authorial intention

§                                                 7.3.3Format for apparatus

§                                                 7.3.4The MLA's CEAA and CSE

·                     8Application to religious documents

o                                        8.1Book of Mormon

o                                        8.2Hebrew Bible

o                                        8.3New Testament

o                                        8.4Quran

o                                        8.5Talmud

·                     9Classical texts

·                     10Legal protection

·                     11Digital textual scholarship

o                                        11.1History

o                                        11.2Methods

o                                        11.3Software

·                     12Critical editions

·                     13See also

·                     14Notes

·                     15References

·                     16Further reading

·                     17External links

o                                        17.1General

o                                        17.2Bible


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