How many times has the Nicene creeds been revised bing.=APPCS1. Mal/3-6 God doesn’t change his Holy Ways or His writings  Gods Penmens Writings.htm

Mental imaginary concepts of God and man made Doctrines R/in—Dont Mess With GODs Words. And R/in--Imitate.


Whose who believe The Holy Nicene Creeds Don’t Tell YOU they really were not from God but were from mans imagination.

If they were from God they would not change. Open Fact Or Fiction Test.

This Page is to show those that are interested some of the many times that man has modified, changed or refined

The Nicene Creeds to fit Open HomoousionCE.htm and Where.htm

The Nicene Creeds Revised Updates- Why is it necessary to keep revising the Nicene Creeds Century after Century?

The simple bible truth is that Nicene Creeds has been Revised many times because it did not come from God or,

from Jesus, or from any of Gods Penmens Writings.htm


YOU have Free-Will to believe any and all the Traditions YOU Like at this time, Christmas, Easter Ect, Free-Will Open Traditions


HERE Are The historical facts as they have been written for us.

Who Came the Real Jesus or God the Son. Nicene_Creed#Comparison_between_Creed_of_325_and_Creed_of_381

From (325 AD) ArianismGD.htm Arius collapsed and died while walking through the streets of Constantinople in 336.

When Constantine died in 337, In 350 Constantius II became sole ruler of the empire, in 357, Constantius' death in 361, the Emperor Valens (364-378) 367-383) and Theodosius I (379-395)

381 the Second Ecumenical Council met at Constantinople. Arianism was proscribed and the Nicene Creed was approved.

 Details in ArianismGD.htm (381 AD) (451 AD) (500 AD) (529 AD) (533 AD (600 AD) 681 AD)  (753 AD)  (787 AD)+

Open history.html#creeds+ Nomenclature


Arianism was a fourth century Christian movement begun, in part, by a Libyan Presbyter by the name of Arius (250-336).Open History

Arius and His followers did not consider His Biblical Theology of (Open)*GOD defined*was heretic Theology.

Plus The Creed of Ulfilas or Wulfila--He Lived From ( 310 - 383) A.D.From Study


It Is Note-Worthy (Modern_English_Bible_translations) That Many Bible Translators and Publishers down through the Centuries did not make good accurate Foot-Notes or Were not allowed to-(Example Open) King_James_Version_of_the_Bible & (bible03b.htm) & King James


Also Read HiddenTruthsPLUS.htm  Imaginary Concepts should be listed as such --as a second possibility at best and as a note foot, and

Not as Holy Doctrine By God’s Written Inspired Words-history/creed.apost.proofs.html -history/nicene.html  (Revising Opinions)

 1-Now That We Are In The Communication Age We Can *Examine * Everything Ourselves The Expository Library 20.htm

A creed is a statement or confession of belief — usually religious belief — or faith.


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