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THE Phantom EVIL SIDE OF THE TRINITY and Oneness - Did God create the Flesh and blood Man Jesus only to live 33.5 years to have life in himself---for that life only to be a temporary sacrificial 


AA Is Jesus Real To You Part 2


PROSKUNEO Who Did Jesus Say To Worship-






A Look at Mormonism



TrinityReferenceLibrary2 John14-26 Who Really Thinks God Will Being Back To Your Memory or anyone else’s—

Things He Never Taught to Jesus or Jesus’ Original Stewards 1 Cor-4:1 OPEN John14-26.htm



Commentary of false wonders,- GodHead defined

Man --With Most likely Satan’s Influence CREATED The False--Images of the So-Called GodHead.



John 1:1-18Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible
 SBT-Note -This article has been tagged for you with the initials defined/W/BBD (SP* 1)John 1  The scope and design of this chapter is to confirm our faith in Christ as the eternal Son of God, (-EternalSonOfGod.htm defined /W/BBD(SP* 1)  )



                                                                       Stimulating the imagination. TheFalseEVILSideOFTheTRINITY

1A-Introduction to (Phantom Teachings) Phantom Teachings are the product of Imaginary Concepts & Intentional Fallacy. First realistic view is to recognize that Humans can not see GOD or any so-called Spirit False




Excellent Commentary On John1.1 For Trinitarian/Oneness Believers and Unitarians with Crossed Reference of

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25- GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN. Barnes' New Testament

brought forth, defined in Prov8-22 open eachTheology -and Theology-of GOD.

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The air near the foundry (on the earth) has always been dirty. Due To The

                                                      prince of the power of the air, --- Eph 2:2--


                         The Trinity/Oneness Movement (Doctrinal Creeds) Declares Jesus To Be a Liar

                                           Study SatanOrJesus.htm  Oneness.htm  8.htm 5.htm includes John-20-28.htm TrinDirdty






28--Is Jehovah God Buying Your Love ? or Does Jehovah God buy any man’s respect?

Does Jehovah God Reward Christians Today With Material Things? Open contentment.




2A-True Christians preparing for the millennium -BestBiblesPlus.htm--Jesus’Main Message WheatOrWeeds.htm

THE TEACHING OF JESUS +(1) Parable of the Wheat and Tares (2) Parable of the Pounds

His disciples touching their mission-The Teaching of Jesus- Matthew 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:46-48; Acts 1:8 CROSS REFERENCES: Acts 2:1-4  Luke 24:48; John 15:27  Acts 8:1,5,14  Romans 10:18; Colossians 1:23 The Millennium Not before the Advent-The Plus more-ChristianitySimplified.htm-2Tim3-16-17.

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