Why So Many Different Churches When God Only Started One

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Truth Is

One means one, not many!! Open << Eph 3 to 6

Start with verse 2

One true faith (Church) and to make these verses ring true for the true

hope that we are looking for  Open << Eph3clickfor 4 >>


2 In all humility of mind and quietness and patience,

and that you would be patient one toward another in love, 


3 And to be diligent to keep the harmony of The Spirit in the bonds of peace, 


4 And that you would be in one body and One Spirit as when you were called in 

One hope of your calling.


5 For THE LORD (GOD) JEHOVAH (JehovahOrYahweh) is One,

and the faith is One, and the baptism is One,


6 And One is God The Father of all, and over all, and with all and in us all.


About The LORD (GOD) JEHOVAH. In (JehovahOrYahweh)

Jehovah Or Yahweh[1][2][3]Neither The Hebrews or Greeks Spoke English

 When The Scriptures Were Written Because the English Language didnít

exist until likely a little after A.D. 600. Developing Around the 5th century[1][2] 

Details About How The First Scriptures Where Written Is In GODorgod.  

So saying  Jehovah is OK. Read wiki/English_language 

New Update 5-20-2018For Hebrew Yehovah for English Jehovah. 

Open The Old HomePage For Details Another Very Important Fact Are In

GODorgod Not God The Son; God And His Son Jesus 


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