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(1) The Quick Truth about Christmas and Easter

(2) Counterfeit Christianity: Exposing The Satanic System (HD)

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TheseVideos and others are revealing The Origin of How Christians let pagan customs emerge or be blended in their beliefs.

IT goes all the way back to the Tower of Babylon and includes many things

That got Emerged and Blended into the Christian beliefs--All after the dead of the Apostles and other Godís Penmans

Videos are the New way the see and hear what God wants us not to believe.

Believes lies and lose out on Salvation like Adam and Eve did Add Your Comment



Constantine Started The Cross

Constantine and the Cross Movie


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CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Archaeology of the Cross and Crucifix

FROM The+history+of+the+cross++before+33+C.+E.&form=APPCS1



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John 1:1 can not be solved by those who claim they know all the Greek Grammatical rules to Translate Greek to English. Grammatical Analysis G

John 1:1. Any Difficulty in Understanding John 1:1 is Intentionally

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N0 1. On google list For JWs   Open  J Wís: Theology, william horner, nicene creed

(4) Thompson, 1829, "the Logos was a god (5) Goodspeed, 1939, "the Word was divine (6) Torrey, 1947, "the Word was god

 (7) New English, 1961, "what God was .. - 22k - Similar pages


One bad thought of belief can affect your Spiritual relationship with God.

Believing one Theoretical lie can cost a persons Salvation like it Adam and Eve

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