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4352. proskuneo pros-koo-neh'-o from 4314 and a probable derivative of 2965 (meaning to kiss, like a dog licking his master's hand); to fawn or crouch to, i.e. (literally or figuratively) prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore):--worship.


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4573. sebazomai seb-ad'-zom-ahee middle voice from a derivative of 4576; to venerate, i.e. adore:--worship.

4574. sebasma seb'-as-mah from 4573; something adored, i.e. an object of worship (god, altar, etc):--devotion, that is worshipped.

4576. sebomai seb'-om-ahee middle voice of an apparently primary verb; to revere, i.e. adore:--devout, religious, worship.

5567. psallo psal'-lo probably strengthened from psao (to rub or touch the surface; compare 5597); to twitch or twang, i.e. to play on a stringed instrument (celebrate the divine worship with music and accompanying odes):--make melody, sing (psalms).

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1391. doxa dox'-ah from the base of 1380; glory (as very apparent), in a wide application (literal or figurative, objective or subjective):--dignity, glory(-ious), honour, praise, worship.

1479. ethelothreskeia eth-el-oth-race-ki'-ah from 2309 and 2356; voluntary (arbitrary and unwarranted) piety, i.e. sanctimony:--will worship.

1495. eidololatreia i-do-lol-at-ri'-ah from 1497 and 2999; image-worship (literally or figuratively):--idolatry.

1497. eidolon i'-do-lon from 1491; an image (i.e. for worship); by implication, a heathen god, or (plural) the worship of such:--idol.

1567. ekzeteo ek-zay-teh'-o from 1537 and 2212; to search out, i.e. (figuratively)investigate, crave, demand, (by Hebraism) worship:--en- (re-)quire, seek after (carefully, diligently).

1941. epikaleomai ep-ee-kal-eh'-om-ahee middle voice from 1909 and 2564; to entitle; by implication, to invoke (for aid, worship, testimony, decision, etc.):--appeal (unto), call (on, upon), surname.

1997. episunagoge ep-ee-soon-ag-o-gay' from 1996; a complete collection; especially a Christian meeting (for worship):--assembling (gathering) together.

2151. eusebeo yoo-seb-eh'-o from 2152; to be pious, i.e. (towards God) to worship, or (towards parents) to respect (support):--show piety, worship.

2169. eucharistia yoo-khar-is-tee'-ah from 2170; gratitude; actively, grateful language (to God, as an act of worship):--thankfulness, (giving of) thanks(-giving).

2212. zeteo dzay-teh'-o of uncertain affinity; to seek (literally or figuratively); specially, (by Hebraism) to worship (God), or (in a bad sense) to plot (against life):--be (go) about, desire, endeavour, enquire (for), require, (X will) seek (after, for, means). Compare 4441.

2323. therapeuo ther-ap-yoo'-o from the same as 2324; to wait upon menially, i.e. (figuratively) to adore (God), or (specially) to relieve (of disease):--cure, heal, worship.

2357. threskos thrace'-kos probably from the base of 2360; ceremonious in worship (as demonstrative), i.e. pious:--religious.

2999. latreia lat-ri'-ah from 3000; ministration of God, i.e. worship:--(divine) service.

3000. latreuo lat-ryoo'-o from latris (a hired menial); to minister (to God), i.e. render religious homage:--serve, do the service, worship(-per).

3008. leitourgeo li-toorg-eh'-o from 3011; to be a public servant, i.e. (by analogy) to perform religious or charitable functions (worship, obey, relieve):--minister.

4334. proserchomai pros-er'-khom-ahee from 4314 and 2064 (including its alternate); to approach, i.e. (literally) come near, visit, or (figuratively) worship, assent to:--(as soon as he) come (unto), come thereunto, consent, draw near, go (near, to, unto).

4335. proseuche pros-yoo-khay' from 4336; prayer (worship); by implication, an oratory (chapel):--X pray earnestly, prayer.

4336. proseuchomai pros-yoo'-khom-ahee from 4314 and 2172; to pray to God, i.e. supplicate, worship:--pray (X earnestly, for), make prayer.