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The Bibles that render worship instead of Open see many Bibles

The Bibles that render worship instead of  Homage  homage, obeisance,  prostrate or bow down or adore him .

are done intention to support the Trinity/Oneness mental imaginary compare of the Open Godhead  

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Open each underlined number and compare what is written to your favorite.

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Matt 2: 8 and having sent them to Bethlehem, said, Go, search out accurately

concerning the child, and when ye shall have found [him] bring me back word,

so that *I* also may come and do him homage Open Darby Bible Translation

Matt 2: 8And sending them into Bethlehem, said: Go and diligently inquire after the child,

and when you have found him, bring me word again,

that I also may come to adore him Open Douay-Rheims Bible

Open Weymouth New Testament
Matt 2:
8 He then directed them to go to Bethlehem, adding, "

Go and make careful inquiry about the child, and when you have found him,

bring me word, that I too may come and do him homage."

Open Young's Literal Translation
Matt 2:
8 and having sent them to Beth-Lehem, he said, 'Having gone –

 inquire ye exactly for the child, and whenever ye may have found,

bring me back word, that I also having come may bow to him.'

Matthew 2:11 Open WEY:  11 So they entered the house;

and when they saw the babe with His mother Mary,

they prostrated themselves and did Him homage,and opening their treasure-chests

offered gifts to Him--gold, frankincense, and myrrh

Matthew 8:2 Open YLT:  2 saying, 'Where is he who was born king of the Jews?

 for we saw his star in the east, and we came to bow to him.'


Matthew 15:25 Open DBY: 25 But she came and did him homage, saying, Lord, help me.

Matthew 20:20 Darby Bible Translation Then came to him the mother of the sons of

Zebedee,with her sons, doing homage, and asking something of him.


Matthew 28-9 Open DBY: 9 

And as they went to bring his disciples word, behold also, Jesus met them, saying, Hail!

 And they coming up took him by the feet, and did him homage.
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Matthew 28:17 Open WEB: Mark 5:6 Open WEB: Mark 15:19

 Open WEB: Luke 24:52 Open DBY: John 9:38 Open YLT:

NSB Open Matthew 20:20  Twentieth Century New Testament (Twenty)

(6) Matt 28:17 Open =Matt+28%3A17 Plus View All  Translations

Matt 28:17 And, when they saw him, they bowed to the ground before him;

although some felt doubtful.


(2) Emphasized Bible, The -- Matthew+8/2

(2) Voice in the Wilderness Edition of the Holy Scriptures,

2 And behold, a leper came and did homage to Him, saying,

Lord, if You are willing, You have the power to make me clean.

(5) A Tackwalls Translation of the New Testament

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