PURPOSE of Life. Then Study The Future For Mankind Below-And The PURPOSEofDeath

Human (Life) The Encyclopedia of Religion notes: Human-(Open)-Life-is characterized by the need

to distinguish between what is real and unreal, powerful and powerless, genuine and deceptive,

pure and contaminated, clear and confused, as well as relative degrees of one extreme or the other. 

Purpose Of Life

(1) The Purpose Of Life Is To Have Life And To Be Happy About It—

(2) GOD Has Shared His Existence With Us –By Creating Us-

By Giving us Life Similar To His. 

(3) GOD By Creating Sentient Beings In His Image That Have The Capacity Of

Knowing This. Only Spirit and Human beings know this and they have Free-Will

Open FREEasGOD.htm

The Ability Of Thinking About God or How Did We Get Here.

Even through they can’t accomplish things that God can they can acknowledge God’s works.

http://dictionary.reference. Free-Will –encyclopedia reference Free-Will

For More About Being Sentient Copy and paste this

Being sentient is to know that there is a God into any Search Engine

Like google.com, Yahoo.com or Bing.com


GOD Has Shared (Caused Ps36-9.htm) His Existence With Us 

Through-Jesus ( Prov8-22.htm)–(GOD)orgod.htm - Makes a Family--(Life)

Which YOU can willingly Imitate GOD by producing your own off spring—

Not even the angels can do that—but they tried- see Genesis-6-1-4.htm

For Jesus Free Will-(Life) Open Jesus

DenyingJesusLife.htm is DenyingJesus.htm-


Did Jesus Create Himself?

Read FirstBorn.htm and 45.htm-EternalSonOfGod.htm

Do YOU appreciate Life?-It matters if YOU want GOD 

to keep sustaining your Life?

YOU Choose (Eternally Onward) as this article will show.

What are we required to do open Mat 24:13 & {In Context} 1Jn 2:16-2:17

Mat 24:13 Reads" But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. 

Make no mistake about it. About open 1Jn 2:17

Understanding Your

MInd-Set.htm and State Of Mind  


What About

 What Went Wrong


Open -SatanEveThenAdamBecameDiscontent.htm

YOU probably don’t want to live forever under the current circumstances

which is impossible Because we old a die.

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What About






Then Study The Future For Mankind

Is In JesusMainMessage

And https://simplebibletruths.net/TheGreatHopeRev21-22-7.htm

And The Only Hope of All Mankind

Open https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1101972001


Chapter 16

The True God and Your Future

Open https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1101990048



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