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Philosophy Defined Plus---What ?

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Read One Through Seven---Meditate and Inculcate the Definitions.

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n., Webster’s New World Dictionary

pl. -[phies 5ME philosophie < OFr < L philosophia < Gr < philosophos: see PHILOSOPHER6

1   [Archaic] love of, or the search for, wisdom or knowledge

2   theory or logical analysis of the principles underlying conduct, thought, knowledge, and the nature of the universe: included in philosophy are ethics, aesthetics, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, etc.

3   the general principles or laws of a field of knowledge, activity, etc. !the philosophy of economics"

4   a) a particular system of principles for the conduct of life b) a treatise covering such a system

5   a study of human morals, character, and behavior

6   mental balance or composure thought of as resulting from the study of philosophy



Read One Through Seven---Meditate and Inculcate the Definitions.

For Inculcate C/H

You Must Fully Understand These Seven—Before You Can Move On


                      To Something More SuperiorWhat ?

Learn God’s Thoughts.

How The Almighty God Has Dealt With Man For over 6,000 Years

It’s all in the Bible—Over One Hundred in this Library –Free For

The Viewing---God Created You with Free-Will and His Son Jesus

Said at Matt 10-8 See Sample Below

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Sample of the different Bibles wordings—

But all meaning the same thing—The Newer Bibles are definitely better.

Matt 10:8

the second half of the verse

(ASV)   freely ye received, freely give.

(CEV)   You received without paying, now give without being paid.

(GNB)   You have received without paying, so give without being paid.

(GW)   Give these things without charging, since you received them without paying.

(ISV)  Without payment you have received; without payment you are to give.

(KJV)   freely ye have received, freely give.

(LITV)  You freely received, freely give.

(MKJV) You have received freely, freely give.