PreExistenceOfChrist-- Some Believe-- There is no question that Jesus “existed”

before the world began. But did he exist literally as a person or in God’s foreknowledge,

 in the mind of God?” Both Christ and the Body of Christ, and the Church, existed in God’s

 foreknowledge before being alive. Christ was the “logos,” the “plan” of God from the

 beginning, and he became flesh only when he was conceived.

Some believe Jesus didn’t exist as a real separate Spirit Being (Person)

until He was born of Mary –Died and then went to Heaven and became the

Spirit Being that is in the Book of Revelations. SBT Believes Not.


The Statement The above. They Appear to Claim They Can Read God’s Mind—

How Ridiculous. You Make Your Own Conclusion—Also see

SBT Disclosure---Jesus is truly the complete expression of God’s thoughts.

(Open ExpressionOfaThoughtPlusArchOrArc.htm) Not A Unbiblical Thought of His God

And Father’s Mind --That is Why He is Called the Word of God at Rev 19-13 and in other verses.

God created man with free thought and Logic—Logic dictates that God needed no

creation and chose freely to give his firstborn Spirit Son all that is –as he was the

master craftsman to all—Jesus later choose freely to purchase (or bought)

sinful mankind the way His God and Father purposed it. 

Open ExpressionOfaThoughtPlusArchOrArc.htm

God's Final Word in His Son Open  WeHaveTheWordOfYahweh.htm

. Open FirstBorn.htm And FREEasGOD.htm-- DenyingJesus.htm--JOHN316.htm Compare 1 Cor 7-22-23 Here’s 2001 Translation  22 because anyone (in unity with the Lord) who was called as a slave has become free in the Lord. And whoever was called when free, is a slave of the Anointed One. 23 You were bought and paid for, so stop becoming slaves to men. 24 So brothers, it doesn’t matter what condition each [of you] were called in, just stay that way, next to God.


In the past, commentators and translators who held to the Trinity/Oneness and No Jesus before Mary doctrines argued that qa·nah´ should here be rendered “possessed.” Qa·nah´ can convey the sense of either “acquire (possess)” or “produce.” (Gen. 4:1; Deut. 32:6; Ps. 139:13; Neh. 5:16) But scholars acknowledge that the context here points to the rendering “produced” or “created,” since verses 24 and 25 speak of Wisdom as being “brought forth  This rendering is borne out by the Greek Septuagint, the Syriac Peshitta Version and the Targums. So now even translations by Trinitarians, such as the Catholic Jerusalem Bible, use the rendering “produced” or “created.”

 Review all the below TRANSLATIONS After the NIV Note–Open Prov8-22.htm


Proverbs 8:22 From The  NIV Translation Notes

Accuracy Defined & Illustrated                                              Page 65

Proverbs 8:22 is a passage that contains two different issues reflecting new insights from Ugaritic. First, the word traditionally rendered "possess" (qanah) is attested in Ugaritic with the meaning "create, bring forth"; and the NN reflected this new insight in its translation of Genesis 14:19, 22, where the traditional translation was kept in the footnote. Similarly in Proverbs 8:22 the new meaning was expressed in the text while the traditional rendering was retained in the footnote, thus leaving it more open to thechristological view of some interpreters. 12

Second, the word translated "way" (derek) is attested in Ugaritic with a range of meaning, including "dominion" or "work," which can fit in this context along with the new meaning found for qanah ("create"). 13 New light on drk also eexplains the NIV translation of Amos 8:14, where it is rendered "god" (with a footnote, "power"). Apparently derek was an epithet for the deity, "the power of Beersheba," but other suggestions have also been made far understanding this verse.


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 open and read verses 24 and 25 in any Bible.



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