Preface: SBT is Mostly about Bibles –The Translation Work-- And Improving On

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There are hundreds of Trinitarian Bibles and Commentaries Online but-Very Few Non- Trinitarian/Oneness

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Commentaries Online: SBT Gives YOU Access To Both Types of Theology  R/in Means References in BiblicalTheology

Biblical Theology is the study of God as revealed in the inspired Holy Scriptures,

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 SBT Is a firm believer that all Bible Societies and Bible Publishers Must Enforce the Following Bible Translating Standards

and the Bible Publishers Print them in Their Prefaces Before Endorsing Those Bibles.

(1) Bad translating or Bias translating breeds and supports bad doctrines. God is perfect –Therefore His Word is perfect.


(2) Criticism Breeds Criticism --Translators Must Adhere to The GWGPNC Translation Rule of harmony.